What are Incontinence Supplies?

There are millions of people, worldwide, living with incontinence. Not all incontinence conditions are the same. There is urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, bladder incontinence and stress incontinence. There are also different levels of incontinence, as incontinence will affect everyone differently. As a result, treatments, products and supplies won’t be the same for everyone. And it can be difficult to work out the right supplies for… read more >

Is There a Difference Between Incontinence Pads and Menstrual Pads?

Unfortunately, many women with incontinence decide to use sanitary pads to control their incontinence. For some women, this is due to the fact they don’t know what products to use. For others, it is the embarrassment of being seen buying and using incontinence products. Menstruation is becoming less and less of a taboo topic and it is considered normal for women to buy pads. However,… read more >

How Often Should I Change My Incontinence Pad?

Incontinence pads and products are becoming an incredibly popular hygiene product. However, due to the frustrating social “taboo” that still surrounds incontinence, many people don’t know the best practices for their products and health. So join us today as we discuss how when to change your incontinence pads, incontinence pants and other products. How Often Should I Change Incontinence Pants? Incontinence briefs are made very… read more >

Things You May Not Know About Male Incontinence Pads!

Introduction Around 13% of men are affected by urinary incontinence. There are a number of solutions to help sufferers live a normal work and social life, as well as living a carefree and active lifestyle. Pads are a rather common product used by thousands of people suffering from incontinence. They are simply fixed to existing underwear with two sticky fasteners at the front and back,… read more >

Why “Adult Diapers” Is Trending Now

Adult diapers, adult nappies, all-in-ones and pull-ups are starting to trend online. In fact, we’re starting to notice more traffic on the Holistic Incontinence website. We believe it’s due to a number of reasons – our aging population, improved technology, and the NDIS. 1 in 7 Australians are 65 and Older That means that there are approximately 3.7 million Aussies who are 65+. Yes, it… read more >

6 Facts That Nobody Told You About Bed Pads

In our online store, you’ll find ‘bed pads’ listed as ‘underpads’ simply because, although they are most commonly used with bedding, they can also be used in a number of situations. 1: What are Bed Pads? You can place bed pads under a fitted bed sheet, between the sheet and the mattress. The idea is that when the user experiences a moment of urinary incontinence,… read more >

3 Important Facts about Adult Nappies

The term ‘incontinence’ refers to involuntary urination or defecation, and we’re starting to see an increase in Australia. Holistic Incontinence provide a large range of solutions from pads to all-in-one nappies or diapers, to pull-ups. The right one for you depends on many factors, like your lifestyle, body size and symptoms. 1: Adult Incontinence in Australia is More Common Than You Think Right now in… read more >

3 Facts About Incontinence Pads

There are a number of reasons why incontinence pads are one of the most popular products when managing light-to-moderate incontinence. Users find that they are discrete as you can easily use them in combination with regular underwear. You can also combine them with our market-leading Allusive Flex underwear. All you have to do is fix the pad to existing underwear. This is done using the two… read more >

Top 3 Common Prejudices about Adult Pull Ups

Over 5 million Australians experience incontinence. Many expect this number to increase as the population grows older. Growth is also expected as more people become comfortable to visit a healthcare professional about their urinary or bowel incontinence diagnosis. We believe that each of these 5 million people, should have information about incontinence as a condition. They should also have help navigating the various ways to… read more >