Things You May Not Know About Male Incontinence Pads!


Around 13% of men are affected by urinary incontinence. There are a number of solutions to help sufferers live a normal work and social life, as well as living a carefree and active lifestyle.

Pads are a rather common product used by thousands of people suffering from incontinence. They are simply fixed to existing underwear with two sticky fasteners at the front and back, and the most recent design is comfortable in all situations.

Do Companies Make Male Incontinence Pads?


You may not think that the male anatomy would allow for adequate protection, but pads are actually very effective in capturing and locking away liquid.

The Holistic Incontinence range of pads is unisex and come in different sizes to match different body shapes. When worn properly, you will find that you will receive the right amount of protection for your condition.

There are male versions available in shops and online. Often they are a very similar design in different (more ‘manly’) packaging. We simply endeavour to deliver you effective pads, so when you’re looking at our products, don’t be afraid to select unisex pads.

One very useful product in our range is the specially designed underwear to be used in conjunction with incontinence pads. This underwear is designed for the male body for maximum comfort, while washable to avoid odour or discolouration.

How Absorbent are Male Incontinence Pads for Men?

Our range of pads can hold over 800ml of liquid, which is the equivalent of a very full bladder, so depending on your level of incontinence, you can be sure that you will be protected for some time – day or night.

Such absorbent pads are achieved with the latest dual layer anti-leak protection. Guards prevent seepage, while the high-quality superior absorbent core materials quickly lock away liquid and odour.

Where Can I Purchase Male Incontinence Pads Discretely?

In the Holistic Incontinence online store.

We understand that many people prefer a discreet way to shop for incontinence aids. Once you have placed your order, you can be sure that your product will be shipped in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about friends, family, colleagues or post office staff knowing what you have just had delivered.

Shopping in the Holistic Incontinence online store also makes shopping for incontinence products very affordable, with great bulk pricing. And before you commit to a style and size, it’s worth sampling the product for a fraction of the price.

Ordering online will mean that you won’t have to visit a store in person. We don’t think you should feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, but we know that’s what many of our customers feel. That’s why we will continue to stay discreet.

Male incontinence pads are a very common and effective way to manage incontinence. For more, feel free to speak to our staff through online chat or chat with your GP.

To order, visit our online store.