Adult Pull Up Nappies or Adult Pull Up Diapers?

When you or a loved one need overnight or full day protection, it can be daunting to find the right product and we have the right incontinence diapers for you. You need something that is wearable, highly absorbent, and comfortable. Do you choose adult pull up nappies or adult pull up diapers? And what is the difference? Join us as we discuss the difference between adult pull ups and adult diapers!

Adult Diapers vs. Pull-up Nappies

The major difference between incontinence nappies and incontinence pull-ups is the side panels. Adult diapers have tab closures that can be opened and closed easily ensuring changes. Pull-ups, however, function like underwear but also feature tearable side panels to make removal easier.

Pull-ups, once opened, cannot be closed again. Further, while both diapers and pull-up nappies can be removed without removing the user’s pants, only diapers can be put on again without removing pants. Many users, however, feel that adult pull up incontinence pads are more dignified as they are similar to underwear.

Adult Pull Up Diapers

Adult diapers have been around for years and have common features, including side tabs, absorbent cores and stretchy waistbands. They are generally not gender specific and come in a wide variety of sizes. Adult diapers also come with leg cuffs and are ideal for both urine and faecal incontinence.

Pull Up Underwear

Pullup incontinence have elastic waistbands, making wearing them more comfortable. Breathable and absorbent, they generally have standing leg cuffs to prevent leakage. Pull ups are great for incontinent people who are always on the go. They fit perfectly under your clothing and are gender neutral as well.

If you need extra protection, you can always add a “booster” incontinence pad inside your briefs. Further, pull up incontinence pads come in feminine colours and patterns.

Key benefits:

  • Snug, close and comfortable fit
  • Discreet appearance like normal underwear
  • Flexibility and freedom
  • The choice between washable and disposable
  • Comfortable, elastic waist
  • No rustling or noise during use
  • Great for an active lifestyle
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Soft and comfortable

Pull Up Nappy Sizing

Getting the right size pull up pants is important. They need to fit snugly to contain leaks. Measure your hips and waist, then take the large of the two. You can live an active lifestyle and forget you’re wearing an incontinence product.

Who Will Do the Changing?

Another important aspect to consider is who will be changing the diaper or pull ups. Will it be the user or a caregiver?

If the user is mobile and entirely – or at least mostly – independent, incontinence pull ups are usually the best choice. They provide an easy option for self-changing, and more dignity.

However, if a carer is responsible for changing, incontinence nappies with tabs are easier to manage over pull up diapers.

What are Incontinence Briefs?

Incontinence briefs are the same as adult nappies. Many people prefer the term incontinence briefs over nappies or diapers as it has less of a stigma. If someone is referring to “incontinence briefs” than you can assume they’re referring to diapers or nappies with tabs. Products “incontinence underwear” are generally adult pull up nappies.

When Should I Consider Incontinence Nappies?

Using incontinence diapers and related products is a constantly changing process. It takes some testing and patience to work out what’s right for you. Many people wear light incontinence pads, liners, or disposable pull up underwear when they first become incontinent. These items can bring a level of comfort and familiarity when adjusting to incontinence products.

However, it is important to know the signs to look for that indicate it’s time to switch to a diaper. Wherever you are on your journey with incontinence, it is normal for your needs to change. Few people use the same product for their entire life with incontinence.

1: Leakage While Sleeping on Your Side

Side sleepers may notice leaks around the leg openings of your incontinence garment. This means you may need to switch to stronger, anti-leak protection. Fitted incontinence pull ups and nappies offer a tighter fit around the leg. Nappies especially provide a better fit because the side tabs can be adjusted as needed.

2: Strong Odours

Bowel incontinence can cause stronger odours than urinary incontinence. Nappies with tab sides also offer a protective plastic back sheet that helps contain odours better than pull ups which are more breathable.

3: Increased Output with our Incontinence Diapers

If you notice that your urine or faecal incontinence output has increased, you may need to switch to a new product. Pull up adult nappies are not as absorbent as incontinence products that have tabs.

4: Mobility

Older users and those with medical issues ma have restricted mobility. Those who are wheelchair bound, have trouble moving, or have difficulty getting up from sitting or laying down positions may benefit more from tab-style incontinence diapers. This helps you, as well as any caregivers, and easier time during changes.

5: Schedule

For those who are mobile, tab-style adult diapers can also be more convenient. This means there’s no need for you to take off your shoes and pants in restrooms. Instead, the easy remove style of tab-sided adult nappies allows you to change anywhere, as you need.

6: Medical Products

For those who need to use an ostomy bag, feeding tube or catheter, tab style briefs can better fit across or around these products better than pull ups. Depending on your body type and size, tab style options fit snug around these medical products.

7: Decrease in Comfort

If you no longer feel comfortable wearing your current incontinence product, then it may be time for a change. Leaking, rubbing, or scratching around the groin, stomach or waist can cause irritation and discomfort. Listen to your body and be mindful of what bothers you.

Explore our range of products today, to find out what works for you!