Double Incontinence – Everything You Need to Know About It

Incontinence in general can be a difficult condition to deal with. Whether it is urinary or faecal incontinence, you’ll need to change your lifestyle in some way to deal with the difficulties of this condition. It can be a debilitating and embarrassing condition, and difficult to discuss as it is still considered a taboo subject. But some patients are diagnosed with a more severe condition… read more >

7 Celebrities Who Are Incontinent and Embracing It

Millions of people live with incontinence, yet we still see it as a taboo subject. Those who suffer from incontinence don’t talk about it, don’t admit they have it, or even seek treatment for it. Incontinence is a health condition most adults simply do not want to discuss. Whether this is from fear, shame, embarrassment, or loss of confidence, many of those with incontinence often… read more >

Enlarged Prostate and Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can significantly impact a man’s quality of life. It can make it hard to sit through lengthy meetings and aisle seats become a necessity so there’s an easy escape to a bathroom. It may even become necessary to wear incontinence pads and underwear. Normally the brain will alert you to use the bathroom when your bladder is only partially full. This gives you… read more >

Disposable Face Masks and Incontinence

With COVID-19 still a very real threat to our society, we all need to get safer and savvier in our personal lives. Those suffering from medical conditions, incontinence included, also need to be safe. Today we are going to discuss why those of us with incontinence, and our families, need to ensure we utilise disposable face masks. What Are Disposable Face Masks? Disposable face masks… read more >

Non-Contact IR Thermometer and Incontinence Management

Our body’s temperature can tell us a lot of things about our health. The average temperature of an adult is between 36-37C. A temperature that’s too high can be caused by: A virus Bacterial infection Heat exhaustion Inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis Inflammation of the lining of your joints (synovium) A malignant tumor Some medications, such as antibiotics and drugs used to treat high… read more >

The Importance of Using Hand Sanitiser with Incontinence

There has been a boom in the hand sanitiser industry since the break out of COVID-19, and many businesses, like Holistic Incontinence, are now stocking sanitiser to help protect the community. But hand sanitiser is important in other areas of our lives, especially for those with incontinence. Today we are going to discuss why incontinence patients need to practice good hygiene and the importance of… read more >

Dealing with Incontinence During the COVID-19 Crisis

As we all know, these are difficult times. With information on COVID-19 (coronavirus) changing daily, it is natural to be anxious, especially when you are dealing with a chronic condition. The team at Holistic Incontinence is taking the matter extremely seriously and are closely monitoring the situation. Our team are following government and WHO (World Health Organisation) advice and guidelines to avoid the spread of… read more >

Incontinence and Cancer

Cancer patients battle a variety of conditions during their treatment. Not only are they dealing with the cancer symptoms themselves, but also the side effects of radiation treatment. Whether as a symptom of cancer or of treatment, many patients find themselves dealing with incontinence. In the case of men, prostate and bladder cancer can be at the root cause of incontinence. Bladder cancers are less… read more >

Testing for Urinary Incontinence Types, and Treatment

More than 5 million Australians suffer from urinary incontinence. More than 6 in 10 women and at least 3 in 10 men will be affected by incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a symptom resulting in the loss of bladder control. It is an issue often associated with older age, but incontinence can affect people of all ages. Today we are going to discuss the different types… read more >