Why “Adult Diapers” Is Trending Now

Adult diapers, adult nappies, all-in-ones and pull-ups are starting to trend online. In fact, we’re starting to notice more traffic on the Holistic Incontinence website. We believe it’s due to a number of reasons – our aging population, improved technology, and the NDIS.

1 in 7 Australians are 65 and Older

That means that there are approximately 3.7 million Aussies who are 65+.

Yes, it is true that older people are more likely to suffer from incontinence in some form. But age isn’t a cause of incontinence. The condition is often caused by another condition.

For example, prostate issues are a common cause of incontinence in men. Further, a man is more likely to suffer from prostate issues at a more mature age.

As you get older, mobility can start to become an issue. And while a person might be able to hold their bladder, they might not be able to make their way to a bathroom in time.

They are just a couple of examples. As Australia’s population gets older, more people are likely to suffer from incontinence. This is not because if their age, per se, but because of conditions that present themselves at an older age.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the number of people 65+ will double over the next 40 years. As a result, we are expecting the numbers of people looking for incontinence solutions to increase in decades to come.

Accessibility has Improved

A common reason why many people don’t treat their incontinence is because they are too embarrassed to talk to someone about it, or they don’t want to be seen walking around the shops buying adult diapers.
We would love to see that stigma disappear soon, but it’s why we developed our online store in the way we did. Every part of the process is discreet. You can receive a delivery and no one will know that it’s a box of adult diapers.

Advancements in technology, like this example, is another reason why “adult diapers” are trending online.

Also, while we don’t condone self-diagnosis online, it has helped incontinence sufferers to research and take the first step to do something about it. If you do have any concerns, please chat with your GP.

Adult Nappies are More Affordable

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has made adult diapers more affordable and as a result, people who once couldn’t afford adult diapers now can.

This fact, coupled with the Holistic Incontinence savings when you buy in bulk, has increased the number of people buying and using adult diapers.

For more information about incontinence and the right product for you, talk with your GP or get in touch with us at Holistic Incontinence. Also, it’s worth checking in from time to time to see any new additions to our range.

Don’t forget that we offer samples so you can be sure that you are buying the right adult diaper. See the collection in the Holistic Incontinence online store.