Top 3 Common Prejudices about Adult Pull Ups

Over 5 million Australians experience incontinence. Many expect this number to increase as the population grows older. Growth is also expected as more people become comfortable to visit a healthcare professional about their urinary or bowel incontinence diagnosis.

We believe that each of these 5 million people, should have information about incontinence as a condition. They should also have help navigating the various ways to live a normal life with it.

Many people control their incontinence by wearing Adult Pull Ups. They are similar to adult diapers that are ‘pulled up’ like regular underwear. Pull ups are super-absorbent and are suitable for heavy urinary incontinence and moderate faecal movements.

Unfortunately, there are some prejudices about Adult Pull Ups. Here we address three of the most common.


1: Pull-Up Pants Are Just For Kids

While it is true that many children use pull ups, adult pull ups are significantly different. The design of many brands of child pull ups are for children who are yet to master toilet training. As a result, it isn’t necessary for children’s pull ups to hold a large amount of liquid for a longer period of time.

In addition, it is socially acceptable for children to wear pull ups, so their design doesn’t have to be discrete.  Holistic Incontinence Adult Pull Ups are for adult use in everyday life, including professional and social situations. As a result, they are discrete, though we hope society overcomes this social prejudice.

2: Adult Pull Ups Can Be Seen Through Clothing

It’s quite common for people to imagine a baby’s nappy when they think of adult pull ups. Many imagine a larger amount of padding that can be seen from a mile away. This mental image couldn’t be further from the truth!

Technology and design have come a long way. Now you can barely tell that someone is wearing adult pull ups. The super-absorbent core, which locks away liquid and odour quickly, is only millimetres thick.

3: Pull Up Pants Are Uncomfortable

A lot of work has been put in to designing comfortable adult pull ups that are both super-absorbent and nonrestrictive during daily activities.

You wear Holistic Incontinence pull ups like regular underwear. We only use high quality materials to create the best products on the market. As a result you can go about your day without realising you’re wearing pull ups.

Read more about adult pull ups in our online store.

It’s understandable that you might still have some concerns about wearing adult pull ups. This is one reason why we offer a sample service. You can try a product before buying a bulk supply.

We also understand that you may still feel nervous or embarrassed to use adult pull ups. But we believe that the right incontinence management solution is less embarrassing than the effects of using the wrong product for your condition.

For more on what’s right for you, please contact the Holistic Incontinence team, or speak with your GP or a healthcare professional.