3 Facts About Incontinence Pads

There are a number of reasons why incontinence pads are one of the most popular products when managing light-to-moderate incontinence. Users find that they are discrete as you can easily use them in combination with regular underwear. You can also combine them with our market-leading Allusive Flex underwear. All you have to do is fix the pad to existing underwear. This is done using the two sticky tabs at the front and back of the pad.

Pads also allow users to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. This is thanks to the fact they aren’t restricted by bulkier underwear. Each pad is made from soft breathable materials to keep the user feeling more comfortable for longer.

These are just a couple of reasons why one might choose incontinence pads. Today, we also want to discuss 3 facts that you might not have known about incontinence pads!

Incontinence Pads are Super-Absorbent

Our incredible range of Allusive Incontinence Pads can lock away 800-1000mls of liquid. That’s up to one litre!

A healthy person’s bladder can generally hold up to 400mls during the day and up to 800mls overnight. This means that each pad can easily hold the contents of a full bladder.

We achieve that impressive capacity using high quality absorbent core materials. In addition, our range of pads feature 3D body contouring anti-leak guards. These work to lock away liquid, odour and bacteria. As a result, our pads are suitable for day and night protection from urinary and bowel incontinence.

Incontinence Pads are Environmentally Friendly

We design our pads for re-usability. This includes our unique range of cotton Allusive Flex underwear. Simply follow the instructions that come with your product.

This reusable quality means that you won’t have to buy replacement incontinence pads as regularly as other products available on the market. As a result, you help reduce landfill and emissions that come with manufacture.

Holistic Incontinence Pads are Cost Effective

Because you can reuse our incontinence pads over and over again, you save money while still managing incontinence. We design our pads and garments specifically to work with the user to manage light-to-moderate incontinence.

At Holistic Incontinence, we are proud to offer very affordable incontinence management solutions at highly competitive prices. You will find that when bought in bulk – like the 180 pack available in our online store – that incontinence pads are even more cost effective.

We also offer two-piece trial packs, so you can be sure that you are happy with our products before you commit to buying more.

For more facts on Incontinence Pads and to see if they are right for you, feel free to chat with our friendly Holistic Incontinence staff in live chat or consult your healthcare professional.