Is Incontinence After My Period Normal?

Incontinence is already a topic women don’t like to discuss, especially younger women. So the topic of incontinence before, during, and/or after a period is almost completely unspoken. But for many women, regardless of age, incontinence during the menstrual cycle does occur. For some women it occurs the week before. For others it is during their period. And for some it is after their period…. read more >

10 Best Female and Male Incontinence Home Remedies

Incontinence is often seen as an embarrassing condition. And while there are medical treatments and medications that can help, sometimes they are just not enough. Sometimes we need to add some holistic remedies that complement the medical treatments. Of course, you should always check home remedies with your doctor first, to ensure they won’t interact with your medications. Today we are going to talk about… read more >

Male vs Female Incontinence

Urinary problems are one of the most common problems we face. This is especially true as we age. And, like many things in life, incontinence affects men and women differently. As a result, working with the condition changes depending on the gender of the person. This is important, not only for carers to keep in mind but also those suffering from incontinence. Today we are… read more >

Top 5 Myths About Women’s Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the clinical term for inconvenient, involuntary urine leaks. Many women experience urinary incontinence and it is far more common than most people would expect. In fact 1 in 4 women over 18 will experience urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, even though there are plenty of treatment options available for urinary incontinence, there are a lot of widespread myths about urinary incontinence in women. Today… read more >

What Are the Causes of Incontinence after Childbirth?

1 in 3 new mothers develop urinary incontinence. However, due to the taboo that still remains around incontinence, the condition remains frequently overlooked part of maternal morbidity. Further, many incontinent women feel ashamed in their body. Around 7 million women around the world have some form or degree of urinary incontinence. Many are also too embarrassed to seek help, leaving the issue as a hidden… read more >