6 Facts That Nobody Told You About Bed Pads

In our online store, you’ll find ‘bed pads’ listed as ‘underpads’ simply because, although they are most commonly used with bedding, they can also be used in a number of situations.

1: What are Bed Pads?

You can place bed pads under a fitted bed sheet, between the sheet and the mattress. The idea is that when the user experiences a moment of urinary incontinence, the pad absorbs wetness, therefore protecting the mattress.

You may be familiar with that… Now, here are five facts that nobody told you about bed pads.

2: 4.8 million Australians Will Need Bed Pads

At some point in their life, 4.8 million Australians will suffer from incontinence. The reasons will vary – some women will suffer incontinence after childbirth, some men will have prostate issues and become incontinent and many others will experience incontinence for reasons other than those mentioned.

Of these 4.8 million Australians, the majority will require a bed pad.

3: Bed Pads are Designed to Keep the User Clean and Dry

We’ve touched on how bed pads work – they absorb moisture but that’s not all.

Bed pads have a dual-purpose; the second is to keep the user clean and dry, meaning that the user will be able to sleep without the discomfort of sleeping in a wet bed. By wicking away moisture, the user will also wake up cleaner in the morning.

4: Holistic Incontinence’s Bed Pads Have a Unique Design

How does a bed pad wick away urine?

Each Holistic Incontinence bed pad features a unique channelling system that’s scientifically designed to quickly disperse and absorb any accidents that you may experience.

A super soft layer keeps the user dry and comfortable, while the unique channelling grid locks away liquid.

They also have a handy tabs to help secure the underpad to the bed.

5: Bed Pads are Just One Solution

Many of us will suffer incontinence during the night and a bed pad might be all you need to help. For others, especially users with heavy incontinence, they may need to combine another Holistic Incontinence product like pull-ups, all-in-ones or pads with an underpad.

The latter option may help minimize the impact incontinence has on a mattress.

6: Bed Pads are Rather Cost-Effective

For the average person, a mattress can last around ten years, however when exposed to urine night after night, the mattress will eventually become stained and may start to smell, meaning that your mattress will have a shorter lifespan.

When applied properly, bed pads will help to reduce the chance of urine making its way through to the mattress; therefore prolong the life of your bed. The smaller cost of buying underpads regularly will be cheaper than buying a new mattress regularly.

Also, when bought through the Holistic Incontinence online store, you can take advantage of our already competitive prices, which make incontinence solutions even more affordable.

Bed pads can also help to protect other pieces of furniture like couches and lounge chairs. To see what solution is best for you, speak to the friendly Holistic Incontinence team.