What are Incontinence Supplies?

There are millions of people, worldwide, living with incontinence. Not all incontinence conditions are the same. There is urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, bladder incontinence and stress incontinence.

There are also different levels of incontinence, as incontinence will affect everyone differently.

As a result, treatments, products and supplies won’t be the same for everyone. And it can be difficult to work out the right supplies for your needs. Today we are going to discuss what incontinence supplies available to make managing your condition.

What are Incontinence Supplies?

Incontinence supplies refers to the products you can use to manage your incontinence condition. They also help protect clothing, bedding and furniture. Incontinence products include:

  • Absorbent products (adult diapers, protective underwear, disposable and reusable pads)
  • Wipes
  • Odour eliminators
  • Bed pads
  • Sanitisers

What Incontinence Products Do I Need?

Incontinence supplier greatly improve the quality of life for those suffering with incontinence, their family or carers. While every situation is different, there are a number of products everyone will use to manage their condition.

Absorbent Products

Absorbent products include a range of incontinence products that accommodate your needs, incontinence type, and incontinence level.

Adult Pull Ups

Pull up incontinence products encompass everything from pull-up style nappies to underwear style incontinence wear. Pull up products feature elastic waistbands, making them more comfortable. With leg cuffs to prevent leakage, they are breathable and absorbent. They fit well under clothing and you can add a “booster” pad inside to protect yourself.


Adult nappies have been around for years and have common features, including side tabs, stretchy waistbands and absorbent cores. They are generally gender neutral and come in a variety of sizes, with leg cuffs. They are used for both urine and faecal incontinence.


While similar in look to menstrual pads, incontinence pads feature far more absorbent polymer fibres. This ensures liquid is quickly wicked away from the skin. They also work to neutralise odours and have specific designs to properly absorb liquid. They can also be added to adult pull-ups.

Bed Pads

Bed pads are designed to protect beds, chairs and furniture. These highly absorbent sheets are laid down between you and your furniture. They are used in conjunction with other absorbent products for more reliable protection, especially at night. Some brands are washable, but many are disposable for easy, safe clean up.

Skin Care

Incontinence can cause skin problems that need treatment and care. Exposure to urine or faecal matter can cause problems for the skin. When your skin is exposed to caustic materials and moisture, it can cause maceration, dermatitis, bacterial infections, and fungal infections. As a result, you need reliable skin care.

Barrier Creams

Barrier creams are designed to calm skin irritations, like rashes. These products prevent skin break down by creating an impermeable or semipermeable barrier on the skin. They are vital to prevent infections such as dermatitis.

Adult Wipes

Wipes are enriched with Aloe Vera and gentle on the skin. They are premoistened wipes ideal for quick pick ups and cleaning. They are large, thick, unscented and silky soft to protect the skin.

Odour Elimination Sprays

No matter where you are, you may need an odour eliminator spray. They work to remove all urine stains and smells from carpets, fabric, wood floors, cement, tiles, porcelain, mattresses, and other surfaces.

Most cleaners only remove the water-soluble components of urine, but leave behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals. These crystals are what retain the urine stain and odour. But products like Holistic Incontinence’s urineFREE have bio-enzymatic formula that “eats” both the urine and uric acid crystals. This eliminates both the urine stain and odour.


Hand sanitisers are a necessity when dealing with incontinence. Holistic Incontinence recommends an alcohol-free sanitiser to protect the skin. There may be times when you need to clean your hands, but soap and water are not available. An antibacterial sanitiser is quick and easy to use, without even the need for towels.

Where Can I Buy Incontinence Supplies?

Mail order and online services, like Holistic Incontinence, are the best services as they allow you to discreetly buy products from home. This means you aren’t standing in the supermarket or in the incontinence aisle, feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Online shopping also allows you to explore the best options for your needs, and then buy immediately. Further, there are more options available online than are stocked in traditional stores. And online stores often have a friendly, anonymous staff member who can help answer your questions about products and features.

And, finally, it is discreet. Products can be shipped directly to your home, rather than standing in a supermarket or chemist with your items.