The Rise of Disposable Nappies for Adults

Disposable Nappies for Adults

In recent times, the need for disposable nappies for adults has grown considerably. There are various reasons behind this surge, from medical conditions to physical impairments. With this rise comes the need for reliable, comfortable, and dignified solutions. Understanding Adult Diapers and Their Importance From our experience, we understand the importance of adult diapers. Not only do they ensure the wearer’s comfort and dignity, but… read more >

Incontinence Products For Women

Quality incontinence products for women are definitely needed as this can become a common condition as women age. Holistic ensures new technologies are being developed, so we are continually improving our wide array of absorbent products that can provide extra protection when needed. Many technological advancements have been made to address our customers’ personal needs and ensure our products feel like regular underwear, especially ones… read more >

Introduction to Faecal Incontinence products and how we can help

faecal incontinence products

Holistic Incontinence, a leading provider in the field of bowel incontinence management, offers a range of high-quality products designed to support individuals dealing with faecal incontinence. With a commitment to providing holistic and effective solutions, Holistic Incontinence offers faecal incontinence products that promote comfort, confidence, and improved quality of life. There is a wide selection of products to meet specific needs. Holistic Incontinence offers disposable… read more >

Ultimate Comfort: Reliable Incontinence Care With Underpads For Adults

underpads for adults

Nowadays, managing incontinence is a sensitive issue for many adults. But, it is crucial and challenging to get the right products for absolute comfort. A perfect solution will provide you with the peace of mind. Holistic Incontinence is on top of manufacturing underpads for adults using advanced technology. If you are facing occasional leaks or need consistent protection, our underpads have the quality to maintain… read more >

Regain Confidence: Incontinence Nappies To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Regain Confidence Incontinence Nappies To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Incontinence is a condition characterised by the involuntary loss of urine or faeces that affects millions worldwide, often causing significant distress and embarrassment. The condition can be managed through various methods, including medication and behavioural therapies. However, incontinence products like adult diapers have been designed to significantly improve the quality of life for those who suffer from this condition. Incontinence nappies offer a practical and… read more >

Bowel Incontinence Plugs, The Pros & Cons

Living with bowel incontinence has a significant impact on the lives of sufferers, their family, and carers. Many people with incontinence will find themselves inventing stories to avoid social situations because they fear losing control of their bowel functions. Sadly this is a regular occurrence for those suffering from bowel incontinence. While most patients don’t have regular episodes of incontinence, but the fear of incontinence… read more >

Disposable Incontinence Underwear vs Washable Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence products have come a long way over the years. Incontinence pants have transformed the lives of those with living with incontinence or caring for someone with incontinence. But there are so many products available now, it can be hard to choose the right ones for your needs. Today we are going to discuss disposable incontinence underwear vs. washable incontinence underwear. Disposable Incontinence Underwear Shopping… read more >

How to Put on Disposable Pull-Up Adult Diaper

Do you suffer from incontinence? Are you struggling to manage your symptoms and are looking for an effective way to manage leaks? You’re not alone. Over 5 million people in Australia suffer from incontinence every day. Adult incontinence is difficult for all involved – the individual, their family and for caregivers. Many patients also suffer mental stress due to the stigma surrounding incontinence. People often… read more >

Disposable Face Masks and Incontinence

With COVID-19 still a very real threat to our society, we all need to get safer and savvier in our personal lives. Those suffering from medical conditions, incontinence included, also need to be safe. Today we are going to discuss why those of us with incontinence, and our families, need to ensure we utilise disposable face masks. What Are Disposable Face Masks? Disposable face masks… read more >

Non-Contact IR Thermometer and Incontinence Management

Our body’s temperature can tell us a lot of things about our health. The average temperature of an adult is between 36-37C. A temperature that’s too high can be caused by: A virus Bacterial infection Heat exhaustion Inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis Inflammation of the lining of your joints (synovium) A malignant tumor Some medications, such as antibiotics and drugs used to treat high… read more >