Top 6 Incontinence Products by Allusive

At Holistic Incontinence, we pride ourselves on helping our customers manage their incontinence with the best products, designed with the latest technology for high performance time after time.

Here are six of the top incontinence products from Allusive.

Allusive Incontinence Pull Up Pants

Worn like regular underwear, Pull Up Pants are excellent for anyone with heavy urinary incontinence and moderate faecal movements. Elastic cupping around the groin area helps separate urine and faeces, while the super absorbent materials keep liquid and odour locked away for longer.

Pull Up Pants by Allusive are perfect for women and men who suffer from incontinence during the day and night – they are designed to lock away liquid whether the wearer is vertical, horizontal or sitting.

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Allusive Incontinence Slip Brief Diaper

Similar to Pull Up Pants, the main difference of a diaper is the sticky tabs on either side of the waist. These tabs make diapers more suitable for carers of sufferers of incontinence.

The super-absorbent materials allow Allusive Diapers to store up to 2L of liquid, and ideal for day and night use.

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Allusive Flexi Incontinence Pad

This is a very popular product for those who have a milder form of incontinence – say women who experience leakage when they cough, laugh or sneeze, or men who lose control intermittently due to prostate issues.

Pads are worn with regular underwear. The Allusive Flexi Pads are designed to work with the contours of your body to capture and help lock away any liquid.

Pads are very discreet and allow a user to continue living an active life.

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Allusive Flexi Incontinence Pad Light

Similar to the pads above, except designed to capture a smaller amount of liquid – 350ml.

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Allusive Incontinence Cotton Flex Underwear

Allusive Cotton Flex Underwear is different to regular underwear. While regular underwear can deteriorate and accumulate odour-causing bacteria, Allusive Cotton Flex Underwear is manufactured with high-quality cotton that can simply be thrown in the washing machine with your normal load. These factors alone mean that Allusive underwear will last longer than anything else.

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Allusive Incontinence Underpad

Many incontinence suffers love the peace of mind of knowing that their condition won’t damage their furniture. Simply place an underpad on a mattress or couch to soak up any urine before it reaches and damages the furniture.

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If you would like to buy any of the products listed, visit the Holistic Incontinence online store. We also offer a sample service where you can trial a couple of products to see if they are right for you before you commit to a cost-effective bulk buy. See more about product trails here.

For more information about out Allusive range, please feel free to chat with us at Holistic Incontinence.