Stay Comfortable and Protect Furniture with Incontinence Underpads

Disposable incontinence underpads are very useful when dealing with adult urinary incontinence. Underpads prevent moisture from reaching bed linen, lounges, baby change tables, or other areas while keeping you dry and comfortable and promoting healthy skin. These products may be used alone or in conjunction with incontinence pads; incontinence pull up pants or adult diapers for maximum protection. Their easy portability also makes them perfect for travel.

There are many possible approaches to incontinence, but underpads are among the most simple and effective product to use for someone with incontinence. Incontinence underpads are easy to use for all your incontinence solutions including wiping up spills and keeping the user dry.

Our Allusive Underpads boast a super soft top layer that keeps users dry and comfortable. The unique channelling grid can lock away large liquid deposits quickly. Tuck the extended tabs into furniture or bedding to ensure the underpad stays in place securely.

Underpads are easily available right here online, so there is no need to leave the comfort of your home to purchase them, and with disposable underpads, you have the added benefit of being able to simply discard them after use – no mess to clean up and no cloth items to wash and dry.

Incontinence Underpads are a great way for people with incontinence to regain control and freedom in their daily lives. To try out our underpads and other incontinence products, including skin care products, adult pull up pants, adult diapers, incontinence pads, and more, place your order today.

Great Discounts on the Holistic Incontinence range of Allusive Underpads, Surface Pads and Bed Pads

The Allusive Underpad is a hygienic disposable bed or chair pad with a super soft top layer to keep the user dry and comfortable. The unique channeling grid system will quickly disperse large deposits of liquid for the ultimate protection of the surface and user leaving you with no spills or odours.

Allusive Underpads have extended tabs that can be easily tucked into furniture or bedding to securely hold into position. We recommend you use the Underpad in conjunction with Holistic Incontinence range of Allusive products including the Slip Brief – All In One – Adult Diapers, Adult Pull Up Pants, Flexi Pads and Unique Designed Cotton Underwear.