Incontinence Pads

Our incontinence pads offer a great solution for light to moderate urinary incontinence and even light faecal incontinence. With active odour control, our incontinence pads help you stay clean and confident as you go about your day. Try the Flexi, a versatile pad designed for both men and women that come in two sizes. These high-performance pads provide comfort and security at an excellent price, and they are easy to change and breathable for the promotion of healthy skin. The Flexi is a simple, comfortable solution that locks liquids away securely and contours to the shape of your body to further prevent leaks. These pads are suitable for moderate daytime protection and can also be used at night for light protection.

Use incontinence pads with our Allusive Unique Designed Cotton Underwear for maximum performance. This underwear is specially designed with a wide crotch so that the Flexi Pad stays firmly in place. They enhance Flexi Pad performance and provide all-day or all-night comfort. The combination of incontinence pads with our cotton underwear is also an environmentally friendly choice because the underwear can be washed and reused many times. Reusable cotton underwear is a very economical choice as well.

Enjoy added convenience with our Cotton Semi Flex, a two-pack system containing Flexi pads and Unique Designed Cotton Underwear. Be sure to check out our trial packs which allow you to try our products before you place a bulk order. Try out our incontinence pads and other helpful products today. Don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 103 933 with any questions.

Holistic Incontinence has a Range of Allusive High Quality and Affordable Adult Incontinence Pads

Designed with the user in mind our adult incontinence pads offer great protection for light to moderate urinary incontinence, as well as up to a light loss of bowel control.  All of the Allusive incontinence pads for women and men feature active odour control, so the user can stay clean and confident.

Highly Absorbent and Breathable Incontinence Pads for Women and Men

The Flexi is the most versatile of our protection pads, which suits both the male and female anatomy and comes in 3 sizes. They are high performance incontinence pads that provide moderate protection and security with a comfortable design that makes them the perfect choice for the user on the go.

Designed to enhance the performance when used with our Allusive Unique Designed Cotton Underwear range for men and women. Our Allusive Flexi Pad range is made from soft, breathable cotton material for comfort. The Flexi Pad design creates and leaves room for the skin to breathe. The Flexi Pad is so easy to change and insert a fresh pad after use.

Incontinence Pads Designed for Ultimate Comfort & Sanitation

The Holistic Incontinence Cotton Semi Flex is a 2 pack system that contains our Allusive Flexi Pads and our Unique Designed Cotton Underwear. This combination is ideal for those looking to experience great comfort and protection.

Our Cotton Semi Flex is sure to impress if you’re looking for reliable and discreet incontinence protection for women and men. Reliable because they have 3D anti-leak guards that contour to all body shapes and discreet because they come with real cotton underwear specifically designed with a wider crotch to hold the pads comfortably in position. So comfortable and discreet you will feel confident in your new underwear. Our unique cotton underwear will not only save you money but will also have less impact on the environment as they can be washed and reused.

Holistic Incontinence can deliver the Allusive Cotton Semi Flex pack of protection pads and cotton underwear straight to your door in discreet packaging and at discounted prices, saving you time and money! Try our range today and feel safe and confident knowing we have 100% quality guarantee.