Fighting The Odour Of Incontinence

Unfortunately incontinence comes with odour as a side effect. While the smell is unavoidable, there are many ways to fight and reduce any odour, to help a person become more confident in social and personal situations.

Here’s how it’s possible to control and fight the odour of incontinence.

Use the Right Product

Incontinence can be caused by a number of reasons like childbirth, prostate problems, and mobility issues. Just like how a condition differs between sufferers, the level of control also varies.

At Holistic Incontinence, we offer an excellent range of incontinence products to help manage any kind of incontinence by locking away liquid and matter for longer periods. However, each product does have its limitations – pushing past those limits will see it becoming ineffective.

For example: A woman who notices a small leak just after sneezing can wear a pad with regular underwear. A pad would not be an effective solution for someone with little or no bladder control, as the amount of liquid would saturate the pad and leak. In this case, a Pull Up or All In One would more appropriate

Choose a Product with Excellent Design

Some companies prefer to cut corners in the development of their products. Every product in the Holistic Incontinence range has been designed with a specific task in mind, each feature working together for maximum absorption and odour control, whilst allowing you to life the lifestyle you want.

  • Super absorbent core: Locks away liquid as well as its odour. Our Pull-ups and All-In-Ones can hold up to between 800ml and 1L of liquid. The fight against odour doesn’t stop with the absorbent core. It continues with anti-leak guards.
  • Anti-leak guards: In our range of pads, the guard around the perimeter of the pad is contoured to follow the curves of your body to avoid any leakage that may occur. This feature not only keeps in liquid, it helps to retain any smell.
  • In products like our adult diaper varieties, it’s the waistband and elastic cupping in the groin and leg area that helps to secure solids, liquids and odour.
  • High quality, breathable material: We’ve focused on the incontinence side, but we must not forget about your comfort. Some products can make you sweat. To avoid any smell that comes with sweating, our range is produced with breathable material, to allow your skin to breath.

As you now know, each item in the Holistic Incontinence range is excellent in helping to reduce any odour that may present itself as a result of incontinence. For more information on each product, visit the online store.

It’s also worth remembering that we offer a free trial service where you can sample a product before you commit to a cost-effective management solution – you can buy in bulk to reduce the cost of incontinence.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch with the friendly Holistic Incontinence staff through the chat feature available on this site.