4 Incontinence Products You Should Learn More About

Regardless of whether you suffer from incontinence, care for a loved one with incontinence, or work as a carer of someone with symptoms of incontinence, it’s a good idea to let a bit more about the various incontinence products that are available on the market.

Each product in the Holistic Incontinence range is specially designed for a particular use. Some products focus on holding liquid, some aim at integrating discreetly into your everyday life and others help carers work with people who may not be able to use a product by themselves.

Keep reading as we look deeper into four incontinence products that you should learn more about from the Holistic Incontinence range.

Heavy Pull Up Pants

Heavy Pull Up Pants are worn like regular underwear and are designed for heavy urinary and moderate faecal incontinence. Built in elastic cupping in the groin area prevents faecal matter from moving into unwelcome areas.

The high-quality core materials lock away moisture and odour quickly, with a super-absorbent layer that will help to keep the pants performing at their best, with a low chance of bacterial breakouts even whilst laying down, making Heavy Pull Up Pants ideal for day and night wear.

Unlike some styles on the market, Holistic Incontinence’s pull up pants offer a strong and breathable wrap around band with easy to use tear off seams to improve application and removal by the wearer or carer.

Slip Brief Diaper

Slip Brief Diapers are designed with strong re-fastenable tabs that are ideal for anyone who receives help from a carer.

These diapers are made from high-performance, medical grade material that can be used for heavy bladder and bowel incontinence ( 2L capacity ). Liquid is locked away in dual-layer, anti-leak guards in all stages of a wearer’s day. When worn correctly, the user will be protected from spills whist sitting, standing or laying down – perfect for those with low mobility.

Similar to Pull Ups, elastic cupping is featured in the groin to separate urine and faecal matter.

Incontinence Pad

A more discrete option, Incontinence Pads are worn with existing underwear. Simply secure the pad to the underwear material with the sticky fastening points at the front and back.

They are perfect for users with light-to-moderate incontinence; each pad able to lock away up to 1L. 3D contouring anti-leak guards ensure that leakages are avoided while superior absorbent core materials quickly minimize odour and bacterial breakouts.

The larger design allows your skin to breathe, and many users report that they can continue to stay active when using Incontinence Pads.

Incontinence Under Pad

Everyone with symptoms of incontinence can benefit from Incontinence Under Pads. When used correctly, they will help to protect your bed and furniture from any mishaps that occur during the night or when you least expect it.

All products in the Holistic Incontinence range use the best designs to avoid leakages and breakouts, however some accidents can occur, especially if the amount of liquid exceeds the maximum capacity of the product.

An important feature to note is the unique channelling system that quickly disperses liquid, meaning that you will stay dryer for longer – perfect for night time use.

To see even more in the range, visit our online store. We also offer samples to help you be sure that you’re buying the right product. For advice, please get in contact with Holistic Incontinence staff or visit your GP.