Incontinence and Cancer

Cancer patients battle a variety of conditions during their treatment. Not only are they dealing with the cancer symptoms themselves, but also the side effects of radiation treatment. Whether as a symptom of cancer or of treatment, many patients find themselves dealing with incontinence. In the case of men, prostate and bladder cancer can be at the root cause of incontinence.

Bladder cancers are less common in women, but far more aggressive. Both of these conditions affect continence. Most cancer treatment require chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the side effect of which is incontinence.

How Does Radiation Cause Incontinence?

Cancer treatment requires repeated radiation sessions. This repeated use of radiation causes inflammation of the bladder, which in turn makes urination painful. Radiation therapy also causes more frequent urinary urges, which also intensifies pain.

As a result, many people require incontinence pads to manage their symptoms.

Dealing with Bladder Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is a scary and shocking moment. It can leave you uncertain about your future and your health. Prostate and bladder cancers are less aggressive than other forms of cancer and, when discovered early, can result in a full recovery.

It is important to regularly visit your doctor and share any concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing. Early detection raises your chances of recovery.

Types of Incontinence Pads for Cancer Patients

Incontinence caused by radiation treatment is not completely uncontrollable. Rather than full voids, it is often drips or dribbles. This can be controlled with simple incontinence liners. However, if you are experiencing full voiding of the bladder, then you will need something heavier. Explore the list below to see what type is right for you.

Incontinence Pads

Personal care pads, or incontinence pads feature a shape that is form fitting to the body. You insert the pad into regular underwear through adhesive strips. Incontinence pads are fairly small and individually wrapped. This makes them good for use on the go, as they slip easily into a bag or purse.

Incontinence Liners

Similar to incontinence pads, incontinence liners are wider and flatter. This allows for a bigger surface area for absorption. Liners also feature an adhesive strip that allows them to be inserted into regular underwear.

Male Guards

These guards are designed specifically for male anatomy. The guards are cup shaped and have a higher rise in the front. This means it absorbs urine as it leaves the body.

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are designed to be used as underwear. Common features include side tabs, absorbent cores and stretchy waistbands. Adult diapers also come with leg cuffs and are ideal for both urine and faecal incontinence. They are generally not gender specific and come in a wide variety of sizes.

Pull Up Underwear

Pullup incontinence underwear are designed to look like underwear. They feature elastic waistbands, making wearing them more comfortable. Breathable and absorbent, they generally have standing leg cuffs to prevent leakage. They fit perfectly under your clothing and are gender neutral as well.

Are You Experiencing Incontinence?

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