Should Incontinence Affect Your Day-To-Day Life? No!

At Holistic Incontinence, we really enjoy knowing that we help people live
normal lives – in fact; some of our customers’ lives have become extraordinary
since being diagnosed with the condition.

Whether your day consists of sitting at a desk or standing on your feet; low
effort or high-pressure; or some light exercise or hours of high-intensity
training, our range of incontinence products will help you achieve everything
you set out to achieve.

When we’re asked if incontinence will affect someone’s day-to-day life, we say
“of course not”. That’s unless you allow your condition to take over your life.

Have the Confidence to Stay Confident

From the moment you order one of our products, you can be sure that you’re in
safe hands. Our deliveries are discreet, so your family, friends and colleagues
won’t know what you have received unless you tell them.

The discreet nature of our products doesn’t stop at delivery. Our high-quality,
super absorbent material helps to keep even our most bulky-looking items
rather slim-fitting under clothes.

Then, as you start using our products, you will realise that they are so effective
in retaining urine and faecal matter, that you can keep living the life you want
without losing confidence in your incontinence product.

The Right Product Will Help You Stay Free

Choosing the correct product for your condition will allow you to live the life you
want for longer without restriction.

Pads are easily swapped out from your underwear in a quick toilet break, while
holding any leakages in the time between visits.

Our adult diapers can hold up to 1L of matter – that’s more than the capacity of
the average bladder – showing that someone with little or no bladder or bowel
control can continue to live the life they desire.

Finally, we have covered those active moments in live, but we need to touch
on the less active times.

Underpads can be used under bed sheets or on furniture like couches and
chairs to protect them from any leakages that may occur – especially during
the night if you toss and turn in your sleep. They are specially designed to keep
the user dry and comfortable at all times, meaning that you shouldn’t have
disrupted sleep due to loss of control.

Please don’t allow incontinence to take over your life – we love hearing how
our customers continue to live the life they always had, experience new things
and push themselves further than before.

With the right item from the Holistic Incontinence range, you’ll be able to keep
living a normal life.

For more information on each product, visit the online store. If you’re not 100%
on the product that’s best suited to you and your condition, keep in mind that
we offer a trial service where you can sample a product before you buy in bulk.
Our friendly staff are more than happy to assist you with any questions that you
may have. You can get in touch through the chat feature available on this site.