Sensitive Skin? Here’s How Holistic Incontinence Can Help

Let’s take a look at how our great range of products can help reduce skin irritation and problems, especially if you have sensitive skin.

We know that when excretions come in contact with the skin for a period of time, and often – very common if you suffer from any kind of incontinence – your skin can become itchy, inflamed and end up feeling very uncomfortable.

Regardless of whether your skin is sensitive, we stock incontinence products that will help reduce the time your skin is exposed to an irritant. Here’s a little more on how we can help.


Super Absorbent Products

Whether you’re looking for all-in-ones, pull ups or pads, each product is designed and made with high quality core materials that lock away liquid. This feature not only holds any moisture in to stop it from touching your skin, it also prevents any leakages onto clothing or furniture during the day or night.

Elastic Cupping

For sufferers of bowel incontinence, you will find that the elastic cupping through the groin area of all-in-ones and pull ups will help to avoid any movement of faeces into the groin area. It helps to improve hygiene while limiting the amount of skin that will be exposed to irritants.

Breathable Materials

The waist in our all-in-ones and pull ups is made from comfortable material that encourages your skin to breathe. This feature helps to stop your skin from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.

In our range of pads, the entire product is manufactured using high quality, breathable material, so you can continue to enjoy whatever lifestyle you live without discomfort caused by skin irritation.


Aloe Wipes

Our Goldies Premium Adult Wet Wipes are moist and infused with soothing Aloe Vera to help with any clean ups, while staying gentle on the skin.

They are extra thick for maximum absorbency, unscented and silky soft for comfort if you are wiping an area again and again.

Hand Wash

Anyone who suffers from any form of incontinence will understand the importance of hygiene. Some hand sanitisers can irritate the skin. If your skin is having a tough time with regular supermarket products, try our Hands First Sanitiser.

They are a few ways in which we help to look after people with both incontinence and sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin, or would like to look after your body’s largest organ, take a look at the great range of Holistic Incontinence products that are suited to people with sensitive skin in our online store.

You can also test each product to see if it’s right for you and your skin before you commit to a cost-effective bulk order. For more, contact us by talking to one of our friendly staff in online chat.