How to Put on Disposable Pull-Up Adult Diaper

Do you suffer from incontinence? Are you struggling to manage your symptoms and are looking for an effective way to manage leaks? You’re not alone. Over 5 million people in Australia suffer from incontinence every day.

Adult incontinence is difficult for all involved – the individual, their family and for caregivers. Many patients also suffer mental stress due to the stigma surrounding incontinence. People often withdraw from their previously active lifestyles, which can lead to more health complications.

Adult pull up diapers are one of the best ways to manage incontinence. These products are readily available from stores or online sources like Holistic Incontinence. They utilise cutting edge technology to provide better absorption, comfort, user safety and odour control.

However, you do need to know how to wear pull up incontinence products, properly, in order to enjoy all the benefits of them. Whether this is for yourself, or you care for someone with incontinence, it is important to learn how to put on disposable pull ups.

What are Disposable Pull-Up Diapers?

There are a wide range of incontinence products to choose from and making the right choice can become overwhelming, fast. So it helps to consider the benefits of the incontinence protection you choose. There are many advantages of disposable pull up incontinence products, including:


Pull up incontinence products look and feel like ordinary underwear. They are easier to wear and change, as well as feeling more natural. They allow you to continue with your normal life, more comfortably.


The best disposable pull-up diapers use the best and latest in polymer technology that guarantees you stay safe while wearing these products. The material quickly wicks away liquid.


Disposable pull up diapers are a hygienic option that doesn’t involve washing. You simply need to fold the soiled diaper and dispose of it properly.

Odour Protection

Odour protection is a major feature of pull up diapers. They keep wetness and odour tightly locked in until you can change the product.


Disposable pull ups are lightweight, highly absorbent and the material doesn’t rustle. So they are incredibly discreet and can be worn comfortably to work and outside of the home. They also come in all sizes. You can order samples to find the correct sizes.

How to Wear a Disposable Pull-Up Diaper

Adult pull up diapers help with protection and comfort, but only when they are worn properly. Wearing a disposable pull-up diaper correctly prevents leaks and other embarrassing incidents in public. They also ensure comfort when walking or during the night.

1: Pick the Right Fit

Many incontinence sufferers experience problems with their diapers because they are wearing the wrong size. An overly large diaper is ineffective and can cause leaks. On the other hand, a tight pull up is uncomfortable and inhibits movement. Getting the size right is important, as well as the level of incontinence the product is designed to handle. Measure your hips at their widest point, just below the navel to get the sizing. Different brands have size charts and others offer free samples so you can find the right fit.

2: Preparing the Diaper

Unruffle the leak guards from the cling inside the diaper’s containment zone. Don’t touch the inside of the diaper when preparing it, to avoid contaminating the product.

3: Wearing Pull Up Diapers

Insert one leg into the top of the diaper and pull it up a bit, repeat with the other leg and pull the diaper up slowly. They work just like other pants and are easy for those who don’t require assistance.

The tall side of the diaper should be positioned at the back. Move the diaper around and make sure it’s comfortable.

Ensure the diaper fits properly around the groin area and ensure the containment zone is in contact with your body. This activates the chemicals in the diaper responsible for odour control and guarantees effective absorption of liquids.

4: Wearing the Diaper If You Need Assistance

As a caregiver, you will also find pull-up disposable diapers are convenient to use. They require fewer change, are less messy and provide a comfortable experience for all involved. Adult pull up diapers can be pulled up while the patient is sitting or lying down.

Lift the patient’s leg and insert it into the largest opening of the diaper. Pull the diaper up a little and repeat the process for the other leg. Once it’s on both legs, ask the patient to roll or turn onto their side. This makes it easier to slide the diaper up to the area below the groin. Help your patient lift the waist section as you settle the diaper into position. The patient can now lie down on their back so you can position the diaper correctly.

Looking for an effective way to manage your incontinence symptoms? Explore the range of adult pull up diapers from Holistic Incontinence.