Adult Nappies and Living with Incontinence

As you know, living with incontinence can be inconvenient. We often feel embarrassed by the issue, most notably when buying adult nappies and other incontinence aids. However, incontinence need not be a stigmatising condition, especially in a modern world with a rapidly ageing population. So let’s try to break down some of those social walls and discuss the key facts of living with incontinence.

Incontinence Statistics

Did you know, over 5 million Australians experience bladder and/or bowel control issues. Urinary incontinence affects nearly 13% of men and 37% of women. 65% of women and over 30% of men report some kind of urinary incontinence but only 31% will speak to their doctor about the issue. 70% of all people with urinary leakage do not seek advice and treatment for their problem.

Faecal incontinence affects 20% of Australian men and around 12% of Australian women. Faecal incontinence is one of the 3 major causes for admittance into nursing homes.

77% of nursing home residents are affected by incontinence and 40-60% of those in a nursing home will wet the bed tonight.

The Stigma of Incontinence

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Incontinence is not purely an issue among the elderly. It is a widespread condition that touches all demographics. As such, the need to address this issue and bring it to the attention of the wider population. The stigma associated with incontinence aids and adult nappies makes even purchasing these products embarrassing, whether the buyer suffers from incontinence or not. However, incontinence is an extremely common issue, experienced by all ages – with many women reporting the onset, or increase, of incontinence after birth. When incontinence can be triggered by actions as simple as sneezing, it is clear this a condition that needs to be discussed.

Speak to Your Doctor

Many people who purchase adult nappies and other continence aids do so without discussing the issue with their doctor. Incontinence maybe a symptom of more serious, underlying issues – including prostate cancer and Crohn’s Disease – that need to be addressed. Further, while finding the cause might not lead to a cure, it is still helpful. Not only does it improve mental health issues that have grown around the onset of incontinence but it can also help determine the correct adult nappies or incontinence aids for the most appropriate protection.

Getting educated on your condition or the condition of a loved one, has a powerful effect. By understanding the issue or the cause of incontinence, you can vastly improve your quality of life.

adult nappies incontinence aids

Living with Adult Nappies

Being educated on the cause of your incontinence means you can determine the type of protection and level of protection you need. When you don’t understand your incontinence, you can experience issues that make everyday life frustrating. Here are some common issues experienced with adult nappies and how to fix them.

Adult Nappies and Leaks

Leaks can be frustrating for everyone, but especially the one suffering from incontinence. Thankfully, leaks are generally caused by three easy to fix issues. First, check that the size is correct. If an adult nappy or incontinence aid is too large, it will leak. Second, check that the leg seal is correct. If the leg seal is not tight enough, this will also contribute to leakage. Finally check your continence aid insert. Using the wrong type or level of insert absorption will also contribute to leakage. My learning about the cause of your incontinence you can appropriately manage your protection level.

Adult Nappies Crinkling

One of the more stressful or embarrassing issues with adult nappies is the noise they can sometimes make. Even if the crinkling sound is only loud enough for us to hear it can cause us to feel uncomfortable in social situations and everyday life. Purchasing adult nappies and continence aids that use a cloth outer fabric can help prevent the crinkling sound. Less plastic surface, less noise. Adult nappies made with fabric outer covers are just as effective as those with a plastic outer.

Adult Nappies and Visible Lines

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Visible lines in clothing can be frustrating, especially for women. Panty lines and other tell-tale lines beneath tight clothes or thin fabric can cause us to feel uncomfortable in social situations. This issue can be improved by wearing organic fabrics that are often a little thicker and stiffer. Alternatively, try different brands and types of continence aids or adult nappies to see what works best with your clothing.

Incontinence should not be an issue we are afraid to talk about and discuss. There has been a lot of effort in recent years to ease the taboo on medical conditions that are surprisingly common among the population. However there needs to be a focus on encouraging discussion with doctors, at the very least, as well as with our family and friends. With the right knowledge, supplies and attitude you can enjoy a happy, productive life. Make the embarrassment of adult nappies and continence aids a thing of the past by taking action and living on your own terms.

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