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While all the content and advice within our site is safe and beneficial when managing incontinence, it is important to listen to your own body. We strongly recommended you consult your health care professional for advice before applying any changes to your current diet or exercise plan as individual needs are varied and our advice may not be suitable with your current program.

With a lot of information to consider when living with incontinence it can be quite stressful and for most of us overwhelming. We recommend starting by simply reading all the content and becoming familiar with it because simply being aware of the information and changes available, can have a huge impact on your daily choices towards managing incontinence. We then suggest slowly implementing a few changes you are comfortable with to see what works for you! Start with 1 or 2 changes and work them into your daily routine and diet until you are comfortable to add more naturally. We recommend a more relaxed approach instead of overloading yourself and shocking the system. Taking on too many changes at once may lead to an overwhelming and unhealthy feeling towards these changes and you may consider giving up before seeing the real benefits.

Further, the information contained on this website is simple and easily applied, with methods that will have an extremely powerful impact on the treatment of incontinence problems and a positive effect on your life including those around you. 

We also want to provide you with a holistic approach to treating incontinence by covering even the subtle elements that can effect incontinence and not just focusing on one area like improving the muscles and the physical aspects of the body by looking closer at dietcorrect breathingwater and the emotional impact and how self esteem can also play an important role in the bodies healing process!

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All the content on this website is designed for awareness on how to care for the human body.

Please also leave comments and tips about what works for you and give us your feedback to help inspire others to take action.