Women Lifestyle Changes & Advice

Female urinary incontinence can be caused and triggered through many different bodily disorders and weaknesses.

For many women strengthening pelvic floor muscles combined with healthy lifestyle choices are enough to free themselves of incontinence

The earlier incontinence is treated the easier it is to manage and control its severity.

Holistic Incontinence has put together a holistic approach to managing and curing incontinence. Adopting a few of our free exercises and health tips is a great way to get results and start managing incontinence.

  • Kegel Exercises:These exercises are directly involved with training the pelvic floor muscle group and are gender specific. They are a powerful way to specifically train the muscles that are used to control when we go to the toilet (learn to locate and activate to pelvic floor here).Bladder Training:A range of simple bladder holding techniques like increasing the time you hold between emptying the bladder to increase bladder capacity. To train your bladder you must first wait for an urge to urinate, then hold your bladder for a certain period of time before going to the bathroom. It is recommended that you aim to wait for 15 minutes the first day before releasing and going to the bathroom to urinate. For the first 5 to 7 days try to stick to the 15 minute intervals before using the bathroom. As you progress over the next week increase the amount of time. This should be done until you have a decent amount of time between each bathroom visit.Biofeedback:An electromyography (EMG) can monitor the small electrical signals that the muscles in the body give off; this type of biofeedback is most commonly used for bladder control and other pelvic muscle problems.  The biofeedback device detects and records this electric activity by placing small sensors close to the muscles being monitored. Immediate knowledge about these muscles become available by “feeding back” the information gathered by the EMG to the patient. Someone suffering with urinary incontinence can use this information to plan a personal exercise program to increase strength and the holding power of the muscles that control urination.
  • Our advice is not to send you out to run a marathon however it is a combination of many simple and easy to adopt tools to having a healthy body and mind. If you can run a marathon by all means don’t stop. What we are focusing on is simple tips that can be easily incorporated in to your day to day activities. Check out General Dietary advice what’s good and what’s not. Correct Breathing and Water intake and habits. Mind and Emotional tips to stay empowered and mentally active is an important part of curing any illness or disorder. If you are down you may not feel worthy of recovery and there for sabotage your recovery subconsciously. Getting Active and the importance of body movement. Maintaining a healthy body weight is important because excessive weight can increase pressure, which can aggravate the bladder creating more occurrences of incontinence.
  • Did you know that urine is made up of about 95% water and 5% waste?Urine is mostly water based however the rest of the contents can vary depending on the air that you breathe, what you eat or drink and what you have been exposed to. The last 5% usually consists of uric acid, urea, ammonia, hormones, dead blood cells, proteins, salts and minerals and toxins.It’s important that you drink enough fluids each day, up to two litres of natural spring water. Your urine should be a pale yellow colour if it is a dark yellow colour you could be dehydrated.Unfortunately it is incorrectly believed by some people that drinking less fluid will reduce the severity of incontinence. If you decrease your fluid intake it will irritate your bladder.  This can create an increased need to urinate and urinary tract infections. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of constipation and this will also worsen the affects of incontinence.
  • It’s important to remember that incontinence is something that should not be managed on your own. Most women think they should mange it by themselves and feel frustrated and alone trying to deal with the problem. Some women avoid social activities as they feel that they are at a risk of being found out and they become very anxious.Many options are available for you to mange the symptoms. Holistic Incontinence has our Allusive range of products that are quick and easy to use, so no one will know any difference. They quickly disperse of liquids keeping you dry and odourless with complete discretion, giving you enough time to reach the bathroom and change.Visit Holistic Incontinence store for more information on the below products:Allusive’s Pants Pull Ups – Designed for moderate to heavy urine loss and light level of bowel incontinence that can be used day or night.Allusive’s Slip Brief – Medical grade with maximum protection for heavy urinary and bowel incontinence worn day or night designed for little or no mobility.Allusive’s Cotton Semi Flex – A unique designed cotton underwear range designed specifically to fit the flexi pads for moderate urinary incontinence. This package contains the underwear and the flexi pad. The underwear can be reused and washed saving the environmentally friendly.Allusive’s Flexi Pad – Designed for the active user for moderate incontinence as it slips straight into your underwear.Allusive’s Under Pad – A high quality absorbency pad that protects bedding and furniture from spills.Holistic Incontinence also has a range of wet wipes, sanitisers and odour control sprays.Talk to a family member or close trusted friend to help you through this time and if you are getting down you should talk to your doctor or health care professional.Contact the National Continence Helpline Ph: 1800 330 066 on their free helpline to get more advice and assistance.