Is Incontinence Inevitable? Prevention Tips and Where to Buy Urinary Incontinence Products for Men and Women

People often view incontinence as an inevitable part of life, particularly as you age or after childbirth. However, there are some things that you do that may keep your symptoms from getting worse – or may even keep you from developing incontinence in the first place. These include:

Drinking Plenty of Fluids

Dehydration can cause constipation and may irritate the bladder. To prevent this problem, drink plenty of water whenever you are thirsty. Your daily intake should reach eight glasses of fluid each day unless your doctor has advised you differently. Drink more when the weather is hot or after exercise. Fluids can include water, juice, milk, or soup, but limit coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks, as these may cause bladder irritation.

Eating a High-Fibre Diet

Including plenty of fibre-rich foods in your diet will go a long way toward keeping your bowels healthy and regular. Avoiding constipation is important to preventing faecal incontinence. Try to eat whole grain cereals and bread, beans, and fruit regularly.

Exercising Regularly

Physical activity helps prevent incontinence in a number of ways. For starters, it helps prevent constipation because it stimulates peristalsis, the muscular activity of the bowels. Exercise also helps you maintain a healthy weight which keeps the pressure on the pelvic floor to a minimum.

Maintaining Good Toilet Habits

Good toilet habits can keep your bladder and bowel healthy and prevent problems. Good habits include:

  • Go to the bathroom only when your bladder is full. Constantly trying to go “just in case” can teach your bladder to send urge signals even when it isn’t full.
  • Don’t rush. Don’t push urine out; rather, let it flow at its own speed.
  • Don’t wait, either. As soon as you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, go to the toilet. Waiting can lead to constipation.
  • Try to avoid laxatives or use them only as a short-term solution; if you’re experiencing constipation, try to correct it with diet and exercise changes.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

A lifestyle that’s generally healthy will help you prevent incontinence. Focus on:

  • Making healthy food choices
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Seeking medical advice for problems such as constipation
  • Not smoking
  • Treating urinary tract infections promptly

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