Easy Pick-Up Reacher


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A handy reaching stick with swivel claw and magnetic tip to assist user to collect items without the need to overextend or bend.

The Easy Pick-Up Reacher is ultra-lightweight and robust.

It will assist with retrieving or reaching items whilst at home, in the garden or whilst shopping.

Designed for those who have difficulty bending and reaching.

The Easy Pick-Up Reacher has a moulded plastic handle with a full four-finger operated trigger which operates the moving jaw rather than using two fingers. This allows for a more controlled grip and the ability to apply more pressure.

The head can be adjusted and swivelled 360º to the correct position and reduce the need to rotate the wrist.

The head also has a magnet on it for the retrieval of small metal objects.


  • Swivel head rotates 360 degrees to assist user to grab items at various angles.
  • Magnetic tip to assist with retrieving small metallic objects.
  • Rubber edge on claw to improve grip on items.
  • Lightweight construction for improved manoeuvrability.
  • Easy 4 finger handle for operating



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