Incontinence Products For Men

Many men have preconceived ideas regarding incontinence and that is why Holistic has a complete range of products designed for men for maximum comfort. The underlying cause is best addressed by a doctor but our products are great for allowing people to have secure protection and feel like they are wearing regular underwear thanks to our commitment to research new technologies so we are continually improving our range to an optimal level of absorbent products and taking into account the personal needs of our customers   

A lot of men don’t like the idea of using adult diapers, urinary collection bags and catheters. These products are great for men with male urinary incontinence. These products can help you avoid embarrassing accidents and simplify your life. They also increase your confidence. Here are some options.

  • Incontinence pads and other absorbent items. Men can find this idea quite strange and distressing. These incontinence products are extremely helpful. These products can help prevent leakage onto clothes, reduce odour and avoid skin irritation. You can feel more secure knowing that you are protected.

There are many options available, so it is hard to know where to begin. Your symptoms will determine which type is best. A drip collector, an absorbent padded sheath that wraps around the penis, might be the best option. An incontinence pad can be inserted into your underwear and secured with an adhesive strip. This might work for mild cases. You may need a larger guard, or a pair of absorbent underneath wear if you have more severe incontinence. Some briefs can be washed, while others are disposable. Ask your doctor for help if you are unsure which type of brief will be best for you or chat with our friendly staff. You may need to experiment before you find the right type of incontinence product for you.

  • Drainage bags. These bags are the ones you would use to attach to a catheter. The larger bags are called “bedside bags”, and can be hung next to the bed. You can attach them to your leg or abdomen, or wear them on the body.
  • Underpads. These basic waterproof pads and covers can be placed on mattresses or furniture to prevent leaks. These products provide an additional level of protection.
  • Toilet substitutes and urinals. Plastic urinals are a great option for male incontinence. These containers are used to urinate in plastic containers. These containers can be especially useful if you suffer from urge incontinence which makes it difficult to go to the toilet quickly enough. In case you need to go to the bathroom, keep one near the bed and one in the car.

Where can I find men’s incontinence products?

Disposable undergarments and pads for incontinence are often available on our trusted website. Our site is the best place to shop for other products that aid in men’s incontinence.

Online shopping is a great option if you are nervous about purchasing incontinence products in public. Our online store has everything you need. It is also good to make sure to consult your doctor or ask our staff for advice.

Use of Male Incontinence Products

Some men don’t want the hassle of using urinary incontinence products. They feel it’s a sign they’re failing. They think that once they buy pads, they will be stuck with them for the rest of their lives. Remember that incontinence products may be needed temporarily by some men. These products might be helpful if you have just had prostatic surgery. Some men use incontinence products temporarily while they wait for their doctors to diagnose the root cause.

Incontinence products can be seen as tools that will help you get by. Although they may not be the best long-term solution for you, they can greatly improve your quality of life now.