Managing Stress Incontinence in Athletes and Choosing Incontinence Pads for Men and Women

It may not be a topic you hear discussed often, but urinary incontinence in athletes, especially female athletes, is a very common issue. Leaks can happen whether you’re running, riding a bicycle, working out on the Treadmill, or lifting weights, and they can happen whether you’re a teenager or a lifelong fitness fanatic in her 70s or beyond. Frequently, women find that their incontinence begins after childbirth; some men experience it for the first time after prostate surgery.

Don’t Let Incontinence Hold You Back!

Too many people with incontinence quit doing the exercises they enjoy because of the potential for inconvenience or embarrassment. However, there’s no reason to let incontinence hold you back from doing the things you want to do. Try these tips for handling your incontinence while you work out, and continue enjoying life to the fullest.

  • Choose black. Especially if you use incontinence pads for men or women during your workout, dark-coloured, loose-fitting clothing will probably work best.
  • Monitor your fluid intake. Stay hydrated, of course, but avoid caffeine (which can irritate your bladder and act as a diuretic) before your workout.
  • Avoid spicy foods. You may love Mexican or Indian food, but it may trigger symptoms – as may high-acid foods such as cranberry and citrus fruits and juices. Try minimising these, particularly before you exercise.
  • Wear a tampon. Women may find that using a tampon during exercise puts pressure on the urethra and helps prevent leaks.
  • Do Kegel exercises. These exercises strengthen the muscles that control your bladder and can make a big difference.
  • Work on timing. If you experience “urge incontinence,” you may be able to lengthen the amount of time between visits to the restroom. Try taking a planned bathroom break every two to four hours so that the clock – not your bladder – dictates your habits.

Buying Incontinence Pads for Women and Men

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