Caring for Someone with Incontinence? Let Allusive Products and Supplies Help

Caring for a person with incontinence can be challenging, whether you are a family member or a hired caregiver. There are several sensitive issues that you may encounter, such as:


When an individual is resistant to using incontinence products, it may be because they feel as though they can no longer take care of themselves. As a result, they respond with denial or refusal. You can help by staying calm, being understanding, and talking with the person in an honest way. If the person has dementia, there are classes and support groups where you can talk with others in your situation and learn good communication tools.


The person with incontinence may feel embarrassed about it. Be sensitive to the awkwardness they might feel needing someone else to take care of their most private bodily functions. In some situations, humour may be used to lighten the mood. Put yourself in the place of the person you’re caring for. Strive to be compassionate for their perceived loss of dignity. Incontinence is common and nothing to be embarrassed about, and if you’re comfortable, your loved one will be, too.


The person you’re caring for may feel various emotions in response to needing this level of care. These include sadness, embarrassment, or anger. Also, you might experience emotions such as anger or resentment for having to deal with a difficult situation. All of these feelings are normal, and talking with someone about your feelings can help you cope with them.

Physical Limitations

If you, as the carer, have physical limitations such as disability, disease, or advanced age, providing care for your loved one may be difficult. Further, if you are getting up during the night to care for your loved one, you may become fatigued. If the person you’re caring for has a disability such as weakness or paralysis and you are helping lift them, seeking the advice of a physical therapist can equip you with ways to use your body properly and avoid injuries such as back strain.

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