Skin Care for Incontinence and Buying Adult Nappies Online in Sydney, Australia

Millions of people live with incontinence, but it doesn’t have to interfere with your quality of life. By making just a few adjustments, you can enjoy normal activities and keep inconvenience to a minimum.

What is Incontinence?

Incontinence is the involuntary loss of bladder and bowel control. 1 in 4 Australians suffer from some form of incontinence. Urinary incontinence describes poor bladder control. It affects 1 in 3 women, 1 in 10 men, and 1 in 5 children around Australia. Faecal incontinence is the term for poor bowel control and is more common than you might realise. In fact, it affects approximately 1 in 20 Australians.

Incontinence affects men, women and children of all ages, background, and physical ability. There are, however, some conditions and life events that heighten the risk of developing urinary or faecal incontinence. These include weight, age, childbirth, menopause, prostate issues, and chronic health conditions.

People around the Australia utilise several methods to manage their incontinence. Adult nappies are the most common item to help with day to day management of urinary and faecal incontinence.

Are There Different Types of Incontinence?

There are several different types of incontinence. These are:

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence describes the way urine leaks when you exert pressure on your bladder. This occurs when coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, or lifting a heavy item.

Urge Incontinence

Urge Incontinence describes the sudden, intense urge to urinate followed by an involuntary loss of urine. You may need to urinate often, including throughout the night. It can be caused by a minor condition, like infections, or more severe conditions like neurological disorders or diabetes.

Overflow Incontinence

Overflow incontinence is a condition marked by frequent or constant dribbling of urine due to a bladder that doesn’t empty properly when eliminating.

Functional Incontinence

Functional incontinence is caused by a physical or mental impairment that keeps you from making it to the toilet in time. For example, severe arthritis may mean you are not able to unbutton your pants in time to reach the toilet.

Mixed Incontinence

Mixed incontinence describes cases where the patient or individual has more than one type of incontinence.

Faecal Incontinence

This type of incontinence describes the inability to control the bowels, causing faecal leaks.

Incontinence Skin Care

Incontinence can have a serious affect on the skin. This is dure to the fact the skin is in constant contact with wet environments, urine and/or faecal matter. One adjustment those living with incontinence have to make is how they care for their skin. Incontinence that requires you to wear adult nappies or other products can be irritating to the skin. As a result, this causes a number of problems, such as:


When skin is constantly damp, it can become more fragile and susceptible to damage. This can cause maceration of the skin.


Incontinence Dermatitis is basically diaper rash. Irritation of the skin due to exposure to the moisture and chemicals in urine and faeces.

Bacterial Infection

When the skin comes into contact with waste products, bacterial infection is possible. This can cause further complications if left untreated.

Fungal infection

Pathogenic fungi thrive in damp, warm environments, making an incontinent person more likely to develop fungal infections.

Combating Skin Conditions

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent or minimise skin problems. For starters, you should avoid excessive skin wetness by changing adult nappies as soon as soiling occurs. You should also use gentle wet wipes formulated specifically for adult incontinence, such as Aloe Vera Cleansing Wet Wipes.

A barrier ointment such as a diaper rash cream can minimise skin contact with urine and faeces. Further, eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can enhance overall health and help maintain skin integrity.

Adult Nappies – For Incontinence and Skin Care

Adult nappies are one of the best item on the market for managing both urinary and faecal incontinence. Modern adult nappies come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Unlike the bulky nappies of the past, many modern items look and feel like normal underwear. This allows you to manage your incontinence discreetly and get on with life.

It’s also important to keep the skin dry as much as possible. When you purchase adult nappies in Australia, make sure you’re buying medical grade products that offers maximum protection appropriate to your individual level of incontinence. For example, our Allusive Slip Brief is easy for the user or carer to apply, even when the incontinent person has little or no mobility. They are made with super-absorbent materials that are fast acting and capable of dispersing large amounts of liquids away from the skin, thus ensuring that sensitive areas stay dry and clean.

Buy Adult Nappies Throughout Australia

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