Friends Underpad Premium
Friends Underpad Premium
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Friends Underpad Premium

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Friends Underpads Premium are super absorbent pads which offer protection for your furniture, floors and mattress from urine damage. The soft, non-woven surface converts liquids to gel. It also features an anti-bacterial surface to help protect you against bacterial infections and complications. The underpad locks away moisture quickly to keep the skin dry and healthy. The backing provides a slip and tear resistant surface that also helps prevent leakage.

These pads can be placed on surfaces you wish to protect from urine damage. Primarily used for mattress protection, Friends Underpad Premium can also be used to protect furniture, armchairs, and more that the user utilises during the day. They can also be fitted to wheelchairs to protect the wheelchair and to help stop liquids leaking, both at home or in public spaces. The non-woven, quilted top sheet is comfortable and gives a cloth like feel.

Underpads are ideal for when you are changing incontinence products. Place them on the floor or on the changing surface to catch any rogue liquids or solids.

Suitable for:

  • Mattress protection
  • Furniture protection
  • Wheelchair protection
  • Use during incontinence wear changing
  • Incontinence use
  • Hospital use
  • Nursing home care use
  • Home care use


  • Soft, non-woven surface
  • Cloth like feel
  • Slip resistant
  • Polyethylene back sheet
  • Convert liquid to gel
  • Anti-bacterial surface


  • Size: Small (60cm x 90cm)
  • Absorptive capacity: 950ml
  • 120 per pack