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    Size Chart

    Sizing Chart X Small Small Medium Large X Large

    XX Large

    Allusive Pull Up Pants


    60cm - 85cm

    24in - 33in

    75cm - 100cm

    30in - 39in


    35in - 47in


    43in - 63in

    Allusive Slip Brief N/A N/A

    75cm - 105cm

    30in - 41in

    105cm - 130cm

    41in - 51in

    130cm - 170cm

    51in - 67in

    Allusive Flexi Pad N/A N/A

    60cm - 95cm

    24in - 37in

    95cm - 160cm

    37in - 63in


    Womens Cotton Flex

    70cm - 80cm

    28in - 31in

    81cm - 93cm

    32in - 37in

    94cm - 105cm

    37in - 41in

    106cm - 118cm

    42in - 46in

    119cm - 130cm

    47in - 51in

    Mens Cotton Flex N/A N/A

    80cm - 94cm

    31in - 37in

    95cm - 108cm

    37in - 43in

    109cm - 122cm

    43in - 48in


    123cm - 136cm

    48in - 54in