Allusive Incontinence Underpad / Bed Pad Large 80cm x 180cm 20 Pack Blue - Holistic Incontinence

Allusive Incontinence Underpad / Bed Pad Large 80cm x 180cm 20 Pack Blue

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  • Reduce your laundry costs with disposable bed underpads.
  • Protect all household items with a underpad/surface pad.
  • Our Allusive Underpad provides valuable protection and can be used on your mattress, chair, lounge, change tables, beds and any other surface to keep the user dry clean and odourless.
  • The pad has a unique channeling system grid that quickly disperses liquid spills. Large waterproof backing sheet of 80cm x 180cm with a soft pad of 80cm x 180cm to tuck into furniture or bedding.
  • PE back sheet ensures the liquid does not spill or penetrate onto the surface covered.
  • Can also be used as a baby change mat, toddler toilet training mat.
  • Recommended to use with our other Allusive incontinence pads.

  • Allusive Underpads come in 1 large size of 80cm x 180cm waterproof backing sheet and 60cm x 90cm core are of soft fast acting absorbency pad.

  • Quality surface protection
  • Super soft white top layer
  • Channeling grid system on the top layer to quickly disperse large amounts of liquid
  • Superior strength backing sheet to hold into position
  • Quality Super Absorbent Polymer core
  • Keeps household items clean and dry
  • Superior absorbency liquid lock away capacity of up to 2000mls 
  • Lock away odour and sanitary control
  • Allusive Underpads are also suitable for emergency situations as a throw down towel to collect unwanted liquid spills
  • Cost effective when purchased in our bulk 80 pack