Allusive Flexi Incontinence Pad 60 Pack has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 12 reviews.

Allusive Flexi Incontinence Pad 60 Pack

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  • This 60 pack of Allusive Flexi adult incontinence pads delivers an excellent level of comfort while promoting healthy skin. Effectively manage light bowel incontinence or moderate urinary incontinence with powerful liquid lock away capacity and 3D body contouring anti leak guards to ensure large urine outburst are contained and giving confidence to the active user. Our unisex design is available in Medium and Large. Try our mens or womens unique designed cotton underwear.

  • Allusive Flexi Pads are a uni-sex design and come in 2 versatile sizes Medium and Large.

    • Discreet pad for the active user made from soft breathable materials
    • Suitable for moderate daytime or light nighttime incontinence
    • Over 800ml Liquid lock away capacity and dual layer anti-leak guards to ensure liquid spills are avoided
    • High quality superior absorbent core materials lock liquid away quickly minimising odour and preventing bacterial breakouts
    • Easy to use with 2 sticky fastening points at the front and back 
    • Larger design that creates and leaves room for the skin to breathe promoting healthier skin
    • Environmentally friendly when used with our unique designed cotton underwear that can be washed and reused again and again
      • Flexi Pad Waist Size Capacity Level

        50 - 120cm

        1.2 Litre

        90 - 200cm

        1.2 Litre

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