Unfortunately incontinence comes with odour as a side effect. While the smell is unavoidable, there are many ways to fight and reduce any odour, to help a person become more confident in social and personal situations.

Here’s how it’s possible to control and fight the odour of incontinence. 

Incontinence Smell

Use the right product

Incontinence can be caused by a number of reasons like childbirth, prostate problems, and mobility issues. Just like how a condition differs between sufferers, the level of control also varies.

At Holistic Incontinence, we offer an excellent range of incontinence products to help manage any kind of incontinence by locking away liquid and matter for longer periods. However, each product does have its limitations – pushing past those limits will see it becoming ineffective.

For example: A woman who notices a small leak just after sneezing can wear a pad with regular underwear. A pad would not be an effective solution for someone with little or no bladder control, as the amount of liquid would saturate the pad and leak. In this case, a Pull Up or All In One would more appropriate

Incontinence Pullup

Choose a product with excellent design

Some companies prefer to cut corners in the development of their products. Every product in the Holistic Incontinence range has been designed with a specific task in mind, each feature working together for maximum absorption and odour control, whilst allowing you to life the lifestyle you want.

  • Super absorbent core: Locks away liquid as well as its odour. Our Pull-ups and All-In-Ones can hold up to between 800ml and 1L of liquid. The fight against odour doesn’t stop with the absorbent core. It continues with anti-leak guards.
  • Anti-leak guards: In our range of pads, the guard around the perimeter of the pad is contoured to follow the curves of your body to avoid any leakage that may occur. This feature not only keeps in liquid, it helps to retain any smell.
  • In products like our adult diaper varieties, it’s the waistband and elastic cupping in the groin and leg area that helps to secure solids, liquids and odour.
  • High quality, breathable material: We’ve focused on the incontinence side, but we must not forget about your comfort. Some products can make you sweat. To avoid any smell that comes with sweating, our range is produced with breathable material, to allow your skin to breath.

As you now know, each item in the Holistic Incontinence range is excellent in helping to reduce any odour that may present itself as a result of incontinence. For more information on each product, visit the online store.

It’s also worth remembering that we offer a free trial service where you can sample a product before you commit to a cost-effective management solution – you can buy in bulk to reduce the cost of incontinence.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch with the friendly Holistic Incontinence staff through the chat feature available on this site.

There are many reasons why someone might be diagnosed with incontinence and none of those causes are due to age.

Around 5 million Australians have trouble with controlling their bladder or bowel. In 2016, there were 3.7 million people aged 65+, with around just over 7% of them suffering severe incontinence.

While there is a heavy skew toward older Australians with urinary or faecal incontinence, correlation definitely does not equal causation.

First, let’s take a look at one of the most obvious questions.

Old People Incontinence

Why do many older people suffer from incontinence?

As we get older, we are more likely to develop conditions ranging from arthritis to dementia.

  • Arthritis can affect the hands of a sufferer. They might be about to make their way to the bathroom but have trouble unzipping or unbuttoning their pants, therefore experience loss of control.
  • Decreased mobility is similar. A person might know that they need to make toilet but can’t reach the toilet in time.
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s can affect incontinence sufferers in a different way – they can simply forget that they need to go.

These three issues are commonly experienced by older people (remembering younger people can be diagnosed with them too), which is why you see an older skew. Around 1 in 4 people aged 85+ suffer heavy incontinence.

Childbirth Incontinence

How can younger people develop incontinence?

Around 1 in 166 people under 65 in Australia suffer from severe incontinence. This might seem rare, but there are many more people who suffer from mild to moderate loss of control.

  • Childbirth is one cause of incontinence in women – many finding that they will lose control of their bladder (or bowel) when laughing or under some form of physical stress. Around 37% of Australian women suffer from urinary incontinence.
  • Prostate issues can affect men of all ages and the treatment (or lack of) can see males urinate at unwanted times. Approximately 13% of men have trouble controlling their bladder.
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles – they can be strengthened. Put simply, your pelvic floor muscles help you to hold on. If you’re trying to hold in a movement, these muscles will be vital!
  • Psychological problems can occur at any age. We won’t dive too far into this as there are many causes, however, to summarise: Mood, medications, poor physical heath and lifestyle choices as a result of a mental illness can see someone become incontinent.

As you have just read, incontinence isn’t an older person condition. People of any age can develop mental health issues and arthritis, and young mothers everywhere can start to develop a loss of control at any stage.

Whatever your age, whatever your story, we have a product that can help with your condition. We offer very affordable products that are made even more cost effective when you buy in bulk, and, if you’re unsure which product is right for you, there’s a very handy sample option. See more in the Holistic Incontinence online store.

For more, feel free to contact or chat with us through the chat tab.



At Holistic Incontinence, we pride ourselves on helping our customers manage their incontinence with the best products, designed with the latest technology for high performance time after time.

Here are six of the top incontinence products from Allusive.

Allusive Incontinence Pull Up Pants

Worn like regular underwear, Pull Up Pants are excellent for anyone with heavy urinary incontinence and moderate faecal movements. Elastic cupping around the groin area helps separate urine and faeces, while the super absorbent materials keep liquid and odour locked away for longer.

Pull Up Pants by Allusive are perfect for women and men who suffer from incontinence during the day and night – they are designed to lock away liquid whether the wearer is vertical, horizontal or sitting.

See more about Allusive Incontinence Pull Up Pants here.


Allusive Incontinence Slip Brief Diaper

Similar to Pull Up Pants, the main difference of a diaper is the sticky tabs on either side of the waist. These tabs make diapers more suitable for carers of sufferers of incontinence.

The super-absorbent materials allow Allusive Diapers to store up to 2L of liquid, and ideal for day and night use.

See more about Allusive Incontinence Slip Brief Diapers here.


Allusive Flexi Incontinence Pad

This is a very popular product for those who have a milder form of incontinence – say women who experience leakage when they cough, laugh or sneeze, or men who lose control intermittently due to prostate issues.

Pads are worn with regular underwear. The Allusive Flexi Pads are designed to work with the contours of your body to capture and help lock away any liquid.

Pads are very discreet and allow a user to continue living an active life.

See more about Allusive Flexi Incontinence Pads here.


Allusive Flexi Incontinence Pad Light

Similar to the pads above, except designed to capture a smaller amount of liquid – 350ml.

See more about Allusive Flexi Incontinence Light Pads here.


Allusive Incontinence Cotton Flex Underwear

Allusive Cotton Flex Underwear is different to regular underwear. While regular underwear can deteriorate and accumulate odour-causing bacteria, Allusive Cotton Flex Underwear is manufactured with high-quality cotton that can simply be thrown in the washing machine with your normal load. These factors alone mean that Allusive underwear will last longer than anything else.

See more about Allusive Cotton Flex Underwear here.


Allusive Incontinence Underpad

Many incontinence suffers love the peace of mind of knowing that their condition won’t damage their furniture. Simply place an underpad on a mattress or couch to soak up any urine before it reaches and damages the furniture.

See more about Allusive Underpad Range here.

If you would like to buy any of the products listed, visit the Holistic Incontinence online store. We also offer a sample service where you can trial a couple of products to see if they are right for you before you commit to a cost-effective bulk buy. See more about product trails here.


For more information about out Allusive range, please feel free to chat with us at Holistic Incontinence.

At Holistic Incontinence, we really enjoy knowing that we help people live
normal lives – in fact; some of our customers’ lives have become extraordinary
since being diagnosed with the condition.

Whether your day consists of sitting at a desk or standing on your feet; low
effort or high-pressure; or some light exercise or hours of high-intensity
training, our range of incontinence products will help you achieve everything
you set out to achieve.

When we’re asked if incontinence will affect someone’s day-to-day life, we say
“of course not”. That’s unless you allow your condition to take over your life.

Have the confidence to stay confident
From the moment you order one of our products, you can be sure that you’re in
safe hands. Our deliveries are discreet, so your family, friends and colleagues
won’t know what you have received unless you tell them.

The discreet nature of our products doesn’t stop at delivery. Our high-quality,
super absorbent material helps to keep even our most bulky-looking items
rather slim-fitting under clothes.

Then, as you start using our products, you will realise that they are so effective
in retaining urine and faecal matter, that you can keep living the life you want
without losing confidence in your incontinence product.


The right product will help you stay free
Choosing the correct product for your condition will allow you to live the life you
want for longer without restriction.

Pads are easily swapped out from your underwear in a quick toilet break, while
holding any leakages in the time between visits.

Our adult diapers can hold up to 1L of matter – that’s more than the capacity of
the average bladder - showing that someone with little or no bladder or bowel
control can continue to live the life they desire.

Finally, we have covered those active moments in live, but we need to touch
on the less active times.

Underpads can be used under bed sheets or on furniture like couches and
chairs to protect them from any leakages that may occur – especially during
the night if you toss and turn in your sleep. They are specially designed to keep
the user dry and comfortable at all times, meaning that you shouldn’t have
disrupted sleep due to loss of control.

Please don’t allow incontinence to take over your life – we love hearing how
our customers continue to live the life they always had, experience new things
and push themselves further than before.

With the right item from the Holistic Incontinence range, you’ll be able to keep
living a normal life.

For more information on each product, visit the online store. If you’re not 100%
on the product that’s best suited to you and your condition, keep in mind that
we offer a trial service where you can sample a product before you buy in bulk.
Our friendly staff are more than happy to assist you with any questions that you
may have. You can get in touch through the chat feature available on this site.

Let’s take a look at how our great range of products can help reduce skin irritation and problems, especially if you have sensitive skin.

We know that when excretions come in contact with the skin for a period of time, and often – very common if you suffer from any kind of incontinence – your skin can become itchy, inflamed and end up feeling very uncomfortable.

Regardless of whether your skin is sensitive, we stock incontinence products that will help reduce the time your skin is exposed to an irritant. Here’s a little more on how we can help.


Super Absorbent Products

Whether you’re looking for all-in-ones, pull ups or pads, each product is designed and made with high quality core materials that lock away liquid. This feature not only holds any moisture in to stop it from touching your skin, it also prevents any leakages onto clothing or furniture during the day or night.


Elastic Cupping

For sufferers of bowel incontinence, you will find that the elastic cupping through the groin area of all-in-ones and pull ups will help to avoid any movement of faeces into the groin area. It helps to improve hygiene while limiting the amount of skin that will be exposed to irritants.


Breathable materials

The waist in our all-in-ones and pull ups is made from comfortable material that encourages your skin to breathe. This feature helps to stop your skin from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.

In our range of pads, the entire product is manufactured using high quality, breathable material, so you can continue to enjoy whatever lifestyle you live without discomfort caused by skin irritation.


Aloe wipes

Our Goldies Premium Adult Wet Wipes are moist and infused with soothing Aloe Vera to help with any clean ups, while staying gentle on the skin.

They are extra thick for maximum absorbency, unscented and silky soft for comfort if you are wiping an area again and again.


Hand wash

Anyone who suffers from any form of incontinence will understand the importance of hygiene. Some hand sanitisers can irritate the skin. If your skin is having a tough time with regular supermarket products, try our Hands First Sanitiser.

They are a few ways in which we help to look after people with both incontinence and sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin, or would like to look after your body’s largest organ, take a look at the great range of Holistic Incontinence products that are suited to people with sensitive skin in our online store.

You can also test each product to see if it’s right for you and your skin before you commit to a cost-effective bulk order. For more, contact us by talking to one of our friendly staff in online chat.

There are a number of reasons why you might suffer from incontinence. Many
women become incontinent after giving birth, while many men may become
incontinent as a result of prostate issues. Another cause is infection.

Leakage may occur when you sneeze, cough or laugh; you might find yourself
dribbling urine at times; you could even have trouble holding a movement in
while making your way to the bathroom.

Here are some exercises that may help your incontinence.

We can’t guarantee that these will improve your condition without
understanding your experience but we do hope they help.

Pelvic Floor Exercises
Also known as “Kegal exercises” or “Kegals”.
The aim of “Kegals” is to strengthen your pelvic floor by squeezing, holding
and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are the ones that you
would use to try and stop a flow of urine when using the toilet and/or stop
yourself from passing wind. You will need to identify these muscles before
getting started.

How to do pelvic floor exercises:

  • Sit or lie down.
  • Relax your muscles, specifically your tummy, thigh and buttocks.
  • Squeeze the muscles that you have identified. You should feel an
  • internal ‘lift’.
  • Hold it for a few seconds – aim for 10 seconds.
  • Relax for a few seconds.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Remember: Don’t hold your breath. You shouldn’t be tightening
your buttocks, leg or stomach muscles.

As well as strengthening your legs, squats are great for your pelvic floor.

How to do squats:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Lower your bottom to the floor as if about to sit in a chair, until your
  • thighs are parallel with the floor and your knees over your ankles.
  • Stand up again, pushing your body up through your heels and feet
  • to the starting position.


Similar to squats, lunges will help improve the strength of your pelvic floor.

How to do squats:

  • Start in a standing position.
  • Take a medium to large step forward.
  • Lower the knee of the back leg to the ground. Dip low but don’t
  • touch the ground.
  • Use both legs to return you to the starting position.
  • Alternate legs.

Tip: You can speed up this exercise by ‘walking’, taking larger steps,
dipping your knee to the floor with each step.

Yoga can do amazing things for your mind and body. It will help you feel
better while strengthening your whole body, including your pelvic floor. Take a
class and speak with your instructor beforehand - they’ll be more than happy to include a few positions to help.

The exercises above are designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor, and
may only be effective if your incontinence is a result of weak muscles. If you
find that your condition is getting worse, or if you find these exercises to be
ineffective, get in contact with your GP.

For a great range of incontinence products, take a look at the Holistic
Incontinence range in our online store. Every transaction and delivery is
discreet and you can test each product before you commit to a cost-effective
bulk order.


Around 13% of men are affected by urinary incontinence. There are a number of solutions to help sufferers live a normal work and social life, as well as living a carefree and active lifestyle.

Pads are a rather common product used by thousands of people suffering from incontinence. They are simply fixed to existing underwear with two sticky fasteners at the front and back, and the most recent design is comfortable in all situations.

Do companies make male incontinence pads?


You may not think that the male anatomy would allow for adequate protection, but pads are actually very effective in capturing and locking away liquid.

The Holistic Incontinence range of pads is unisex and come in different sizes to match different body shapes. When worn properly, you will find that you will receive the right amount of protection for your condition.

There are male versions available in shops and online. Often they are a very similar design in different (more ‘manly’) packaging. We simply endeavour to deliver you effective pads, so when you’re looking at our products, don’t be afraid to select unisex pads.

One very useful product in our range is the specially designed underwear to be used in conjunction with incontinence pads. This underwear is designed for the male body for maximum comfort, while washable to avoid odour or discolouration.


How absorbent are male incontinence pads for men?

Our range of pads can hold over 800ml of liquid, which is the equivalent of a very full bladder, so depending on your level of incontinence, you can be sure that you will be protected for some time – day or night.

Such absorbent pads are achieved with the latest dual layer anti-leak protection. Guards prevent seepage, while the high-quality superior absorbent core materials quickly lock away liquid and odour.


Where can I purchase male incontinence pads discretely?

In the Holistic Incontinence online store.

We understand that many people prefer a discreet way to shop for incontinence aids. Once you have placed your order, you can be sure that your product will be shipped in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about friends, family, colleagues or post office staff knowing what you have just had delivered.

Shopping in the Holistic Incontinence online store also makes shopping for incontinence products very affordable, with great bulk pricing. And before you commit to a style and size, it’s worth sampling the product for a fraction of the price.

Ordering online will mean that you won’t have to visit a store in person. We don’t think you should feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, but we know that’s what many of our customers feel. That’s why we will continue to stay discreet.

Male incontinence pads are a very common and effective way to manage incontinence. For more, feel free to speak to our staff through online chat or chat with your GP.

To order, visit our online store.

Top 3 Common Prejudices about Adult Pull Ups

Over 5 million Australians experience incontinence. That number is expected to increase as the population grows older, and as more people become comfortable enough to visit a healthcare professional to receive a urinary or bowel incontinence diagnosis.

We believe that each of these 5 million people, and those who may suffer from incontinence in the future should be informed about both incontinence as a condition and the various ways to live a normal life with it.

Many people control their incontinence by wearing Adult Pull Ups. They are similar to adult diapers that are ‘pulled up’ similar like regular underwear. Pull ups are super-absorbent and are suitable for heavy urinary incontinence and moderate faecal movements.

Unfortunately, there are some prejudices about Adult Pull Ups. Here we address three of the most common.



Pull-Up Pants Are Just For Kids

While it is true that many children use pull ups, adult pull ups are significantly different. Many brands of child pull ups are designed for children who are yet to master toilet training, therefore the ability to hold a large amount of liquid for a longer period of time isn’t necessary.


In addition, it is socially acceptable for children to wear pull ups, so their design doesn’t have to be as discrete and since the range of Holistic Incontinence Adult Pull Ups are for adult use in everyday life, including professional and social situations, they are designed differently to ensure maximum discretion.

We hope society overcomes this social prejudice.


Adult Pull Ups Can Be Seen Through Clothing

It’s quite common for people to imagine a baby’s nappy when they think of adult pull ups – a lot of padding in the wearer’s pants that can be seen from a mile away. This mental image couldn’t be further from the truth!



Technology and design have come a long way. Now you can barely tell that someone is wearing adult pull ups. The super-absorbent core, which locks away liquid and odour quickly, is only millimetres thick and doesn’t need to be any thicker.


Pull Up Pants Are Uncomfortable

A lot of work has been put in to designing comfortable adult pull ups that are both super-absorbent and nonrestrictive during daily activities.


Our pull ups are worn just like regular underwear, and they are made with high quality materials, meaning that you can go about your day without realising you’re wearing pull ups.

Read more about adult pull ups in our online store.

It’s understandable that you might still have some concerns around wearing adult pull ups. This is one reason why we offer a sample service, where you can try a product before buying a bulk supply.

We also understand that you may still feel nervous or embarrassed to use adult pull ups but we believe that the right incontinence management solution is less embarrassing than the effects of using the wrong product for your condition.

For more on what’s right for you, please contact the Holistic Incontinence team, or speak with your GP or a healthcare professional.

There are a number of reasons why incontinence pads are one of the most popular products when it comes to managing light-to-moderate incontinence.

Users find that they are discrete since they are easily used in combination with regular underwear or with our specially designed Allusive Flex underwear. All you have to do is fix the pad to existing underwear with the two sticky tabs at the front and back of the pad.

Pads also allow users to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle because they aren’t restricted by bulkier underwear, while each pad is made from soft breathable materials to keep the user feeling more comfortable for longer while engaged in high-intensity activity.

They are just a couple of reasons why one might choose incontinence pads, but here are three facts that you might not have known.

Incontinence pads are super-absorbent

You might be surprised to read that the range of Allusive Incontinence Pads can lock away 800mls to 1000mls of liquid. That’s up to one litre!

A healthy person’s bladder can generally hold up to 400mls during the day and up to 800mls overnight. This means that each pad can easily hold the contents of a full bladder.

That impressive capacity can only be achieved by using high quality superior absorbent core materials. In addition, our range of pads feature 3D body contouring anti-leak guards that work to lock away liquid, odour and bacteria. These features make pads suitable for day and night protection from urinary and bowel incontinence.


Incontinence pads are environmentally friendly

Our pads, including the unique range of cotton Allusive Flex underwear, are designed to be reused time and time again. Simply follow the instructions that come with your product.

This reusable quality means that a user won’t have to buy replacement incontinence pads as regularly as some other products available on the market, therefore reducing landfill and emissions that come with manufacture.

Holistic Incontinence Pads are cost effective

Because you can reuse our incontinence pads over and over again, you will save a lot of money when managing incontinence compared to disposable pads.

It’s also worth noting that although spills are avoided nearly every time thanks to the 3D body contours in each pad, leakages can happen. While regular underwear may look, feel and even smell permanently soiled, our specially designed breathable cotton underwear is made to work with the user to manage light-to-moderate incontinence.

At Holistic Incontinence, we are proud to offer very affordable incontinence management solutions at highly competitive prices, and you will find that when bought in bulk – like the 180 pack available in our online store – you’ll find that incontinence pads are even more cost effective.

We also offer two-piece trail packs, so you can be sure that you are happy with our products before you commit to buying a lot more.

For more facts on Incontinence Pads and to see if they are right for you, feel free to chat with our friendly Holistic Incontinence staff in live chat or consult your healthcare professional.

Regardless of whether you suffer from incontinence, care for a loved one with incontinence, or work as a carer of someone with symptoms of incontinence, it’s a good idea to let a bit more about the various incontinence products that are available on the market.

Each product in the Holistic Incontinence range is specially designed for a particular use. Some products focus on holding liquid, some aim at integrating discreetly into your everyday life and others help carers work with people who may not be able to use a product by themselves.

Keep reading as we look deeper into four incontinence products that you should learn more about from the Holistic Incontinence range.

Heavy Pull Up Pants

Heavy Pull Up Pants are worn like regular underwear and are designed for heavy urinary and moderate faecal incontinence. Built in elastic cupping in the groin area prevents faecal matter from moving into unwelcome areas.

The high-quality core materials lock away moisture and odour quickly, with a super-absorbent layer that will help to keep the pants performing at their best, with a low chance of bacterial breakouts even whilst laying down, making Heavy Pull Up Pants ideal for day and night wear.

Unlike some styles on the market, Holistic Incontinence’s pull up pants offer a strong and breathable wrap around band with easy to use tear off seams to improve application and removal by the wearer or carer.


Slip Brief Diaper

Slip Brief Diapers are designed with strong re-fastenable tabs that are ideal for anyone who receives help from a carer.

These diapers are made from high-performance, medical grade material that can be used for heavy bladder and bowel incontinence ( 2L capacity ). Liquid is locked away in dual-layer, anti-leak guards in all stages of a wearer’s day. When worn correctly, the user will be protected from spills whist sitting, standing or laying down – perfect for those with low mobility.

Similar to Pull Ups, elastic cupping is featured in the groin to separate urine and faecal matter.

Incontinence Pad

A more discrete option, Incontinence Pads are worn with existing underwear. Simply secure the pad to the underwear material with the sticky fastening points at the front and back.

They are perfect for users with light-to-moderate incontinence; each pad able to lock away up to 1L. 3D contouring anti-leak guards ensure that leakages are avoided while superior absorbent core materials quickly minimize odour and bacterial breakouts.

The larger design allows your skin to breathe, and many users report that they can continue to stay active when using Incontinence Pads.

Incontinence Under Pad

Everyone with symptoms of incontinence can benefit from Incontinence Under Pads. When used correctly, they will help to protect your bed and furniture from any mishaps that occur during the night or when you least expect it.

All products in the Holistic Incontinence range use the best designs to avoid leakages and breakouts, however some accidents can occur, especially if the amount of liquid exceeds the maximum capacity of the product.

An important feature to note is the unique channelling system that quickly disperses liquid, meaning that you will stay dryer for longer – perfect for night time use.

To see even more in the range, visit our online store. We also offer samples to help you be sure that you’re buying the right product. For advice, please get in contact with Holistic Incontinence staff or visit your GP.